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Easy ways to feel confident in yourself

This year has been a bit different, hasn't it? This has had me thinking about easier ways of looking and feeling good with minimal effort. There are so many ways we can change our appearance but normally this takes a lot of hard work and beauty treatments. I want to talk about things you can do in quickly to make you feel more confident. Over the years I have done many jobs and they have all helped me with my confidence and also helped me learn different hacks and tips I can share. From my days in theatre to being a makeup artist and many other jobs I want to share my tips with you. 

1. Your skin 

Let's take a minute and talk about skincare. Skincare is not one size fits all. What works for me will not necessarily work for you.  So before you can really find out for works for you, you need to get to know your skin. Get a mirror really look at your skin is it oily? Enlarged pores? We all have our own skin concerns but getting to know our own skin will help you treat it better. 

For a 15 minute skin treat. I would recommend a steam facial. This is a free treatment you can do yourself at home. All you need is hot water a bowl and a towel and essential oils if you like.   You will need to pour boiling water into the bowl wait for a few moments so the water is no longer at boiling point but you are still getting steam. Then place a towel over your head and the bowl. Trapping the steam in with you. Do not put your face too near the bowl. When you feel like you are getting too hot stop the treatment. You have now opened your pores. These treatments have a number of benefits from helping the circulation in your skin to drawing out impurities.  Pat your skin dry do not rub your skin this will cause irritation. This is the best time to moisturise your skin. use a gentle moisturizer. Do not do this before a big event this will bring all your impurities to the surface. It really is fantastic for your skin. It will make your skin brighter and more youthful. Feeling good in your skin is a great confidence boost. 

2. Your hair 

There is nothing worse than a bad hair day is there? I know, right now I am sat here with very big roots as my hairdresser is not open until July. One way to guarantee fantastic hair is to wear wigs. Having worked in a theatre I know the difference between good wigs and bad wigs. The difference is worth the price tag of a good quality wig. 
13 4 jerry curl lace front wig
I love how you can change your look with a quick change of wig. You can have any style your heart desires. I love curly hair I am a bit obsessed with it, to be honest, but my hair is straight and I long for beautiful curls.  Wigs give me the chance to have my desired look without damaging my natural hair. A good quality wig is worth its weight in gold. You know when you see celebrities with perfect hair I can almost guarantee its a wig. Come on we have all seen celebrities with perfect hair in underwater photoshoots. 

Wigs come in lots of styles, colours and lengths from lace front bob wigs to long high-density wigs to bright coloured wigs. The choice is yours. You will never have a bad hair day again with a good wig collection that is for sure. Just think you can have hair to suit every occasion with no styling time. Does that sound like heaven? No more fighting with your hairbrush!

If you are looking to buy amazing quality wigs I would recommend Donmily, They stock the best wigs, no matter the style length or colour they have a wig that will suit you. So go check them out you will not regret it. 

3. Your body 

Your body is your biggest tool. It is what you use to do everything and we very rarely do nice things for it. When was the last time you actually took a couple of moments to really feel your body? Where are the aches and pains? We spend all day on the computer or iPad and we slump and strain our bodies then we wonder why we are in pain. Take 15 minutes to do something good for your body. Why not try and do some stretching. If you are not into fitness dont worry I am not saying to get a swear on but by doing some stretching every few days you can eliminate small niggles in your body. If you are feeling adventurous why not do a stretch yoga or palates? 

Whilst I am on the body. What have you drunk today? Can you say you have drunk enough water? Water is the body's life force and yet we all forget to drink as much as our bodies really need. Did you know that dehydration can lead to acne, constipation, headaches and exhaustion? How can you feel confident without upping your water game so your body can run at full function so grab the water bottle and get drinking?

4. Your sleep 

Did you know that people who sleep less than 5 hours a night are more likely to be irritable, gain weight and have health problems? That's a bit scary, isn't it? Not to worry you can change your sleeping patterns. By getting enough sleep you will feel and look more confident. 

There are easy ways to try to curb your insomnia. No caffeine after 5 pm. Caffeine is a stimulate so no good for sleeping. Try to avoid spicy food before bed as you body will work hard to process this and this can keep you awake.  Turn off your phone or at least put it down. If you are constantly scrolling online you are not going to fall asleep and you will stay up longer. Why not try to read a book. Give yourself the 30 minutes before you want to sleep too switch off from the internet. Why not try some meditation or guided meditation to help you drift off. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little tips guide. 

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