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Fathers day 2020 gift guide - online shopping version

Can you believe we are in June already? That means its father day gift guide time on here. I love compiling gift guides for you all these are all my favourite picks for what you need to by buying for the man in your life this fathers day. This guide has everything from alcohol to massage and sweet treats so let's get into it. 


 First up we have the ultimate luxury in an at-home massage. This is the Gtech Myo touch. You may not know this but I am a qualified sports massage therapist. I know how important massage is to your body and I realised you can not book an appointment right now. This leaves you in a bit of a pickle.  Well, not any more this is an at-home electric massage bed which gives you a nice massage whilst you just lie down and enjoy it. Massage is essential for all of us and not many of us actually do it as often as we need. Massage is not only good for your muscule it is good for your mind.   

It comes in one big box and couldn't be simpler to put together in fact from unpacking to lying on the bed it will take you under 10 minutes. I personally love a deep massage and on the firmest setting, this gives me a good massage. I love that you can do targeted areas such as the back. This is really simple to do you just move a pin on the track the machine is running on. 

What Gtech says 
MYO Touch is an automated massaging bed. Underneath a comfortable contoured bed is a powered robotic massage roller that seamlessly glides along a track. The intensity of the massage can be personalised from so light you can barely feel its touch to deeply invigorating. You can simply lie back and enjoy a full-length massage or target problem areas such as your back, arms or legs.
MYO Touch is quick and easy to assemble allowing you to set up your massage space in minutes. In addition to this, you will also get access to Gtech’s audio library with four 15-minute tracks to help you unwind, whether it’s rainforest sounds, mindful podcasts or guided meditations, all downloadable on your smart phone or tablet. The bed folds down easily and can be packed away for simple storage for use next time.
Let me know if you would like a full review of the Myo Touch. 


Where do I start here? This beauty is the Isle of wight distillery Mermaid Gin £37.75 I am obsessed with the bottle of this gin. It is gorgeous. Once it is empty. Which won't take long I am going to have to use the bottle. That is just your first impression of this bottle. It really is so pretty. Now the important bit this gin is a nice lemon Zesty and peppery taste which is smooth and sweet with a hint of zest.  I promise if you are a gin drinker you will love it. Add some tonic and you have a tasty drink or add it to a cocktail to make a summer flavour extravaganza. Not only does it taste like heaven it is handcrafted in the Isle of wight using 10 ethically scoured botanicals. The bottle is eco friendly too. 

This is Cranes Cider gift set This is a lovely summer trio of Cranes best-selling ciders with a very cute glass to drink them out off. This contains Cranberries & Limes, Raspberries & Pomegranates and Blueberries & Apples. Cranes ciders are crafted with the finest ingredients which make the ciders so fresh and crisp. Foundered by two brothers Ben and Dan Crane ciders have 40% less sugar and 30% fewer calories. These are gluten-free and vegan friendly.  You will not regret getting the cider lover in your family this awesome set. 

Beauty and skincare 

This is the Amazing The gruff stuff This is available from  John Bell Croyden. If you haven't heard of John Bell Croyden where have you been they are a luxury pharmacy in London which has the royal stamp of approval. They stock all the best brands so you need to check them out. 

The gruff stuff is an amazing male skincare brand. It is what male skincare has been missing in my opinion. My tester (husband) told me that the spray-on body lotion is the best he has tried it left his skin really moisturised and it smell great too.  It is fast drying and doesn't leave you feeling sticking one of his pet hates is sticky moisturisers. He really enjoyed this moisturiser and I can confirm this as he has continued to use this which speaks volumes. 

He also tested The gruff Stuff The eye balm  This is an anti-ageing serum balm for the eye area. It is to be applied all around the eye. It is fast to absorb into his skin and it leaves his eye looking more away and youthful. This is a fantastic product for rewinding the years and making his eye look more alive and less tired. My husband works night shift some times and this is when I really noticed the difference. Normally on nightshift weeks his under eyes looks dull and very tired but using this left him looking awake and the skin looked more taught. 
This is the BVLGARI Man in Black gift set from Beauty base. I have shopped at beauty base for years and they have so many fantastic brands and deals. They are a one-stop-shop for the best hair care, makeup and skincare. I am sure you already know Beauty base and they need no introduction from me.  

One of the most common fathers day gift is the gift of fragrance. Fathers day is the perfect time to buy the man in your life his favourite scent. This Bvlgari man in black gift set is gorgeous.  It has a big 60ml Parum, 40ml aftershave balm and 40ml Shower gel making it great value compared to a fragrance on its own. Who doesn't love little mini shower gels to take on holiday or when you travel. 

Man in Black has Top notes of Rum and spices, heart notes of Tuberose, Orris Root Absolute & Leather Accord and base notes of Benzoin, Tonka Bean & Guauacwood. This is the perfect evening scent with a sweet but leathery depth to it. This is a sophisticated scent that once you have smelled it once you will remember it forever.  Making it a fragrance to remember. I love these types of fragrances because it can transport you to a moment in time. 

This is Man behind the mirror- teeth whitening kit Who doesn't want whiter teeth and with the dentist not being an option at the moment we are looking for at-home teeth whiting options. This man behind the mirror at-home teeth whitening kit is proven to whiten your teeth in 10 minutes with no teeth sensitivity. I have used lots of teeth whiting kits and this one is fantastic. It comes with a bespoke mouth guard and tray Led light to activate the teeth whitening gel. It has one months supply of gel so you and transforms your teeth quickly and safely at home. 
This is Mont Blanc Legend Night from perfume direct. 
This is a longlasting fragrance with notes of Top notes: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Cardamom Middle notes: Violet, Apple, Fir, Cedar Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Vetiver, Musk. It has a very masculine woody and luxury scent to it. The bottle is elegant and classic at the same time. It is recommended for day time wear but I think it would work for any time of the day. 

 Food and sweet treats 

I don't want to pick chocolate favourites but I am going to I am a self-confessed Cadbury Junkie. I am going to also call out my husband into this club of Cadbury junkies. I know you will be the best gift-giver in the world if you gift Cadbury. I have to say I am blessed with receiving awesome PR but when I posted this one Instagram the other day I dont think I have ever received so many DM about PR. These are the set to order for the chocolate lover in your life. These set an incredible value and are wrapped so nicely too. 

I/we have gifted two Cadbury gift sets for this guide. 

This is crammed packed with goodies 
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk 200g Bar with Cadbury 'No 1 Dad' sleeve
1 x Cadbury Heroes Share Box 385g,
1 x Cadbury Eclairs Bag 166g,
1 x Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Bag, 
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley 93g Bar, 
1 x Cadbury Bournville Orange 100g Bar, 
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut Bar

Cadbury Thinking Of You Gift
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk 200g Bar with Cadbury 'Thinking Of You' sleeve,
 1 x Cadbury Heroes Carton 185g, 
1 x Cadbury Twirl Bar,
 1 x Cadbury Wispa Gold Bar,
 1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Bar,
 1 x Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar 26g, 
1 x Cadbury Chomp Bar,

This is the creative nature superfoods Baking kits in rich chocolate cake, banana bread and muffin mix. 
These are the perfect gift for the man in your life who suffers with allergies but loves as a sweet treat food They have each been designed and crafted to cater for food intolerances and are nut/wheat/gluten/dairy-free. These would make the perfect fathers day surprise.  Creative Nature superfood dont just do baking kits they off a full range of product to cater for people with intolerances and allergies so if you don't fancy baking a treat hop on over and check out they're a range of other treats for the man in your life. 

 This is a classic HARIBO Starmix Gift Box kids and grown-ups love it so of course, I'm talking Haribo. My husband loves Haribo. This is his favourite. I know this will always make him smile and a gift of Haribo is bound to get you major brownie points. So don't forget to order some for the man in your life. 
These are Mummy Meagz Sea Salt & Cinder Toffee Rocky Road These are little bars of rocky road heaven. Imagine is rocky road had a baby with a crunchie and this would be the result. These really are a special little bar of paradise. Not only do they taste like heaven but they are Vegan and gluten-free and made using Lacto free chocolate. These would make such a nice gift to a sweet tooth. Made in the UK using the best ingredients This is chocolate gooey heaven. I should mention this is pure chocolate goof ness with no fruit or nuts insight. So just the best part of the rocky road than with an added sprinkle of sea salt to give it a nice edge. 


First up we have Thinh Lai's Brand-New Puzzles This is the best gift for the puzzler in your life. This book is crammed packed with the best puzzles By Thinh Lia. We all have a sudoku addict in our life well why not gift them this book and mix up their puzzle time with these new puzzles. There is a verity of difficulty in this puzzle book from beginner to advanced. The book will help you to progress in your puzzling ambitions. I promise you will not be disappointed in this one. 

 This is The Official History of the Tour de France Hardcover This is for the cycling enthusiast in your life. Mine Being my husband. Fill that Tour de France void in there life with the history of the Tour. Learn about this magnificent endurance race, its history the stages and how the race started. This book details the many unique features of the tour de France from the iconic leader's jersey to the legendary mountain passes. Any roadie will be very happy with this as a present. 

where do I start this is the story of an extraordinary time in our past. When Britain stood on its own against the Nazis. Britan fought for its very survival. This book is crammed to the brim with spinetingling first-hand accounts of the men and woman of the war the real people who won the battle of Britain. I promise if like me you have a history buff to buy for this is the book for them. 

This book is Churchill's life in his own words. Fantastic for any history buff. 

Churchill's life and political career were certainly long and colourful: he travelled the world, fought in the Boer War, and oversaw the disastrous Gallipoli campaign during the First World War. But it was during the Second World War that this natural leader's qualities of grit, dogged determination and perseverance truly came to the fore as he led the nation to victory.
Churchill's rallying speeches made him one of the world's greatest orators, while his acerbic wit was legendary. Readers will delight in finding the best of this illustrious Briton's words in one handy, pocket-sized volume


This is ProCook Carbon Steel Wok, For the chef in your life, there is no better gift than a nice wok. This sone is lightweight and nonstick. Making cooking up a storm in the kitchen a breeze. Made from carbon steel which allows heat distribution. The stick-resistant coating means nothing will stick to the wok making cooking and washing a dream. 

Gift vouchers  

This is a gift voucher from Voucherexpress.co.uk. Let's face it there is always one person in your life that is a nightmare to buy for and your mind just goes blank where you think of what to buy them. This is where gift vouchers come in to play. You may not know what. to buy but you can guarantee you know where they like to shop. The Vex Gift card is the perfect option for this. You have a huge range of shops to choose from Ikea, B&Q Currys to name a few of the options. All you have to do is go on to Vex gift certificate decided the amount you want on the gift card then pay and you gift card will be sent to you in a cute little card like the one above.  The recipient will use the gift card to choose which retailer they want like Ikea etc and the vouchers will be sent out to them. Perfect right?


This is the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring. This is for the man in your life that struggles with snoring. This clever little ring will help him to get a peaceful night to sleep with no more being woken up to stop snoring. All you have to do is measure your pinkie finger on to goodnightsnoring.com and this will tell you what size of an anti-snoring ring you will need to order and you are on the way to a peaceful sleep. 
How it works: The ring’s two acu-activators in your little finger work to free up your breathing passages and promote your natural bio rhythms to give a snore-free restful night’s sleep.
What you do: You simply place The Good Night Anti-Snoring ring on the little or “pinky” finger at night just before you go to sleep, and take it off in the morning when you wake up…hey presto - no more snoring!

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! I hope this helped you choose your loved one the perfect gift this fathers day. 

***Some of the items in this gift guide has been kindly gifted to me for review and inclusion in this guide. Some of the links are affiliate links. These will not cost you more to use. I just received a very small payment for you using my link. It all goes it helps me keep running this little site. ***

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