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Alpha H skincare review

Today we have a skincare review for you. First, let's talk about my skin. The changing weather has really affected my skin. Up here in the highlands the weather has been going hot cold, hot, cold this has been creating havoc with my skin. I am suffering from dry skin and the odd breakout. Which has been very annoying. I go through periods of good skin and periods of combination skin.  I am a qualified facialist and makeup artist. I have studied the subject extensively. 

Today, My lovely friends at John Bell & Croyden have sent me a little pick me up package, to try to help me on my skincare journey. If you do not know John Bell & Croyden let me introduce you to them. They are a pharmacist based in London. They have been in business since 1798. They are also the pharmacist to Her Majesty the Queen. This gave them the royal seal of approval. Being a royal fan this is the ultimate recommendation in my eyes. They scour the globe for the best and most sought after brands to stock. They sell everything from oral care to health and well-being products. John Bell & Croyden are your one-stop luxury pharmacist. Needless to say, you need to check them out. 
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The packages contained Alpha H products. I will be reviewing them for you all. I have heard a lot about this cult skincare brand but I have never tried them myself. I was very excited to give these a review for you all. 

First up 

 Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+.

This is a gorgeous lightweight Mousituriser with a broad spectrum sunscreen built-in.  The added SPF is amazing as it will really help to prevent sun damage to my skin. I am after all an outdoor girl. It has five high protection sun filters with antioxidants to help nourish and protect. I wish more product added SPF. 

 It is crammed packed with the best ingredients. It contains Vitamin B5 for weightless hydration, Vitamin E to help fight the signs of ageing and it also helps to shield the skin from environmental damage. 

I found this adsorbed instantly into my skin. It is non-greasy and no white residue was left. It did not clog my pores. Being outside a lot I suffer from clogged pores so I am always on the lookout for a product that does not clog my pores. I found Alpha H daily essential moisture a fantastic makeup primer. I have been trying this product for a couple of weeks I have found my skin texture has visibly improved and my dry patches have diminished. I really enjoy this moisturiser and I would buy this myself. 

Next up we have 

Alpha H Balancing cleanser

This cleanser is amazing. I need to start this review with that. This is a three in one cleanser which works with your skins natural PH. It is not just a cleaner it is a makeup remover, face wash and toner all in one.  I am highly critical of all skincare. Well, it is one of my jobs right. I always struggle with cleansers. They always have big claims but very few live up to my high standards. 

I think this might be my new favourite. It has a nice light texture but do not be fooled by that this is a skin cleaning miracle maker. It is so gentle you can use it to remove eye make up. It even removes my most stubborn waterproof mascaras with no issue at all. Honestly, that in its self is a miracle. We all have that one mascara we love but it is a nightmare to remove. Not with Alpha H Balancing Cleanser. There is a reason this cleanser has won numerous awards. The soothing cleansing milk can be used on all skin types. It repairs stripped and impaired acid mantle. It does not remove your naturally occurring oils and moisture. 

I found this a dream to use. Not once did I have any discomfort on my dry patches. It washes away the day's impurities and makeup with ease. After I have washed my face it looks healthy and has a natural glow after I use this product. I have really enjoyed this cleanser. 

Next up 

ALPHA-H Liquid Gold

This is the product from Alpha H you have most likely heard off. This is a cult beauty item. Now you know me I have been disappointed with some products with cult status in the past. So I went into this review with my eyes open. 

I love a resurfacing product Alpha H Liquid Gold. Is an award winner in this category. It has state of the art low PH delivery system to target and diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. It is a skin brightening treatment. This is a once stop product that works as a toner, exfoliator moisturiser and serum in one. It helps to increase the moisture inside the skin which give salon results. 

I use this product a couple of times a week after using the above cleanser. It is a liquid and you pop a little in a cotton pad and swipe all over your face and decolletage. When I have used this product the next day my skin looks revitalised and fresh no matter what kind of nights sleep I have had. It does feel a bit tingly when you apply it at first but this passes you can apply your moisturiser once the product has completely dried into the skin. This is a wonder product. I love the results of this product. 


Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose perfect and plump. 

First, can we take a minute for the packaging? It is stunning so elegant. This is a lip balm with a bang. This is heaven for the lips. It is 24k gold-infused and packed full of free radical-fighting antioxidants. It has powerful moisture-boosting and lip plumping ingredients.  Plump Oleoactif can boost your lip volume by 3% in one hour. Pineapple enzymes help to get rid of the dreaded flaky lips. Great for the changing weather we are having. It is crammed packed with Hyaluronic acid to hydrate and soften the lips.

I have loved this lip treatment. I tend to use it at night. I find this is the best way for me to use it. It really gets the chance to get to work on my lips. It has helped me really get my lips back into a nice condition. With a lot of outdoor biking in all weather, my lips can get a bit horrid and this has completely reversed this for me. My lips are plumper and look less creased and more youthful when I use this product. I would highly recommend this if like me you suffer with bad lips. 

I have really enjoyed all the product I was sent to try. Which is highly unusual. Normally there is one that is just ok but I think John Bell & Croyden have sent me some incredible product from Alpha H. I have enjoyed and will continue to use all these products and I can with all certainty recommend them all. If I was to buy only one it would be between the cleanser and the Liquid Gold. If I am honest I would buy them all again. 


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