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From fat to thin, Vet’s Kitchen have an award for waggy dog stories

You may or may not know this about me but I am a self-confessed obsessive doggy mum. Yes, I view my dogs as my children and I love them with my whole heart. I accredit my dog, Millie, for helping me through my depression and helping me become the person I am today. If you are not a dog person Today's post is not for you. As we are talking about dogs health and fitness and success stories. I was reading about The Vet’s Kitchen Woof and Well Award and this has inspired this little post,

 Keep reading for the chance for your dog to enter to win a coveted dog award and there is an incredible prize!

Today we are talking dogs and their fitness stories. I love my dogs and I am very protective of them. I have millie who was mentioned above she is a 9-year-old Springador. When we bought Millie she was in a terrible state. She had paws that were worn down and bleeding. When we went to get Millie she was already 18 months old and the first thing I did was book her into the vets for a check-up and to register her. This was one of my best choices. It turned out Millie was going through a phantom pregnancy and was very poorly. The vet said she was lucky we had taken her that day. 

Fast forward a few weeks I noticed Millie seemed to have a strange walk and mild limb. Back to the vets, we went and she was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. From that day on I have to monitor Millie's food and her weight. I know we shouldn't talk about a ladies weight but she must be monitored for her own good. As any excess weight can cause major issues with her hips. 

I am very happy to say that Millie is in great health now. It did take us a few months to get her weight down. Unfortunately, her previous owner was feeding her a terrible diet and he was overweight. After the vet informed me that I had to get her weight down. I became a woman possessed with finding the best and most nutritious food for her. Dogs need to have really good food as it is so important to keep them fit and healthy. 

Next, I have Mylo who will be 7 in a few weeks. He is a Dalmatian. He is the biggest baby and is such a timid creature. He loves nothing more than cuddles and kisses and more cuddles. Mylo's was bought to not only be a brother for Millie but to also come mountain biking with us after Millie's diagnoses we have to be careful with the amount of exercise she can do. 

Mylo is one of the fittest dogs I have ever known he will happily run 10 miles with us in a day. Yes, he could do more but I keep him at this level. His diet needs to be monitored to make sure he is getting the extra calories and vitamins needed for such a healthy dog. Mylo has had a couple of injuries. If you have ever had a dog of his size he is a clumsy wee critter. This is when you really have to remember to moderate and amend his diet as it is super easy for such a fit and active dog to start to pile on the weight and become a bit too large. 

Now you know a bit about my dogs and their fitness stories Next up we have the bit you are excited about how you can enter and possibly win your dog an award for your down dog.

Where would we be without them? Our canine companions have helped us through lockdown and we’ve rewarded them with the odd treat or two. The net result is an expanding waistline, but all is not lost because Swindon-based Vet’s Kitchen want to hear about the dogs that are woof and well – the ones that have gone from fat to fit - and they’ve created a special award too!!

The Woof & Well Award is for a special dog that’s stuck to a sensible eating regime and ramped up their exercise regime. The sort of dog that would make Joe Wicks proud! Of course, the owner has to take some of the credit.

If you have a waggy dog story to tell, then get in touch here: The most inspiring dog will receive a free canine diet consultation with our in-house Nutritionist, 6 months of tailored nutrition from Vet’s Kitchen, a doggy fitness tracker and a gold medal to fit their collar… well it is the Olympic Year after all.  A second and third prize of runner-up rosettes will also be awarded together with fitness trackers and a selection of Vet’s Kitchen products. 

“We know how tempting it is to treat our dogs, especially at the moment by giving them an extra helping of food or worse, something from the biscuit jar, but dogs like humans need to maintain a healthy weight range,” says Fiona Firth, a pet nutritionist at Vet’s Kitchen. “It’s also important to remember that dogs with different ages or different conditions can sometimes require a different type of food. If your dog is overweight for example, try and find a product rich in protein, but low in fat to help them lose weight. The Vet’s Kitchen Healthy Weight dog food contains 30% less fat than our Everyday Health dog food, it’s also high in fibre to help satisfy hunger.”

Fiona adds, “Dog obesity can lead to severe health problems such as diabetes, so regular exercise combined with feeding the correct amount of a good quality food is one way of caring for them from the inside out. What’s more, on our website, we have a handy Calorie Calculator - - to help work out how much you should be feeding your dog. “

The Vet’s Kitchen Woof and Well Award will be supported by Wood Green, The Animals Charity to provide tips and advice to pet owners. From how to recognise if your dog is overweight, to exercise and diet plans. Linda Cantle, Director of Pet & Owner Support Services at Wood Green, says: “It’s great that brands are taking steps to highlight how the public can act in a responsible and caring way towards their pets. Just like Vet’s Kitchen, our mission is to provide support and guidance for pet owners, and this includes raising awareness for health issues like obesity.” 

Vet’s Kitchen offer these tips to dog owners who’d like to help their dog lose weight:

1.     Choose a lower calorie food or ‘lighter’ food option for them and make sure the fat content is below 10% for them to lose weight.

2.     Weigh out your dog’s food each day or weigh out a week’s worth on a Sunday if you find yourself short of time during the week.

3.     Don’t forget to allow for treats, dental chews out of their daily calorie allowance.

4.     Add extra fibre using root vegetables, such as carrots as part of the daily allowance can help add to that feeling of fullness.

5.     Exercise, exercise, exercise! Just like humans, taking your dog out for a walk every day is good for them. It is important to start with shorter distances and build up the time you spend outdoors gradually. For older, overweight dogs bear in mind that 80% of senior dogs suffer from arthritis (often undiagnosed) and they should be exercised using shorter more frequent walks (e.g. 3 x 15 mins per day) to help them lose weight without over-stressing the joints.

The Woof & Well Award launches on the 31st March and is open to all dogs resident in the UK who can show they’ve been barking up the fitness tree with some noticeable results. A before and after photo together with 100 words to explain their journey would help the judges to choose the gold medal winner and runners up. The award scheme closes on the 30th June when the winners will be revealed in their glossy coat glory!!

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