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Shocking celebrity beauty treatments

When you are a celebrity, you are more likely to go to extremes in most areas of life. Celebrities’ pursuit of beauty is no different, as they undertake some shocking treatments to maintain their looks – or not – depending on your view.

While you might consider copying the A-listers in their constant pursuit of the fountain of your youth, you need to know that some of the things they get up to are plain weird. Looking for examples? Well, what about the $7000 gemstone facials undertaken by Mila Kunis or the vampire facelift that Kim Kardashian put herself through a few years back. Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to use toothpaste as a spot cream – nothing like putting caustic soda on your skin for great results. Cindy Crawford on the other hand decided to become a walking honeypot for cats by using her milk facial.

While these treatments sound strange, they are not shocking – and we offered you shocking in the title. It is time to raise your eyebrows, if you still can, at these shocking treatments of the famous and infamous.

Kate Hudson
Well, are you ready to dunk your head in a bowl of ice to give you back your youthful looks – every day? This is what Kate Hudson does in the name of beauty after hearing about the life hack from an actor who would dip and then dab with a towel before carrying on with his day. The good news is that barring the cost of electricity for your freezer, this treatment is free.

Halle Berry
So, you have these coffee grounds from your coffee making. What do you do with them? Throw them out in the trash? Shame on you! Halle Berry manages to maintain her looks with a coffee grounds body wash and exfoliator. It is both natural and cost effective – but you are going to have to do something to handle the smell we would guess.

Suki Waterhouse
If you have a couple of quid to spare, then you might want to try Suki Waterhouse’s Coca-Cola hair rinse. Now, we have seen what a glass of coke can do to a tooth – we are not sure what it will do in the long-term to your hair. Yet, Waterhouse is clear that using the fizzy drink after a hair wash offers more texture. Of course, this also makes it sticky – and well – dirty again.

Lady Gaga
As much as we love Lady Gaga, she is known for her wilder ways and we maybe should not be drawn into copying. So, when we tell you she practices sticky tape facelifts we are certainly not suggesting it is a good thing. She literally uses tape to pull her face back in a morning. It is also rumoured that her makeup artist used tape to remove her makeup – which is different, and most definitely not advised.

Chloe Grace Moretz
Facial oils have their place in treatments. It is also true that olive oil is a great way to strengthen your nails. However, would we suggest using the stuff we cook our food in as a facial oil and expect it to stay clear of spots – probably not. Moretz swears her skin is clearer since using it.

January Jones
A beer bath apparently helps to hydrate January Jones’ skin. While we accept that bathing in fluids we would normally drink was popularised by none other than Cleopatra, we take exception to using a glass of beer in the pursuit of beauty – especially as there is not a lot of reason why it would work.

Teri Hatcher’s red wine bath is equally as baffling to us! Though she claims to only use the sediments at the bottom of the bottle as an exfoliant, so we see this as a cunning ploy to drink more wine.

Margot Robbie
Now, Bepanthen lip balm in principle makes sense – in practice it feels a little wrong. Bepanthen is use by pregnant women to stop sore nipples and on babies’ bottoms to stop a rash. So, technically, it is a cream used to stop skin drying out. However, it is used on babies’ butts…

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