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My favorite tips my mother in law gave me #MothersWay

Can you believe its March already? March is a good month its the beginning of spring in my opinion and the world just seems a bit better this month. I feel like we are on the road to a new better world than the one we are in now. I am also so excited that it is nearly mothers day. I have a lot of wonderful mothers in my life from my mother in law to my amazing friends who are mothers to some of the coolest children around. Me, biased never. Ok, maybe a little bit. 

My mother in law is a wonderful woman there is no other way of describing her. When I met my husband, I had no idea what his parents would be like, and they lived so far away. It was a while before I met them. I am so lucky to have met my husband and his family. I do not have a maternal family of my own and I was missing that connection in my life. My mother in law is strong, knowledgable, kind helpful and most of all just a lovely person. I have heard all the bad mother in law jokes and I have to say I have been blessed with the best mother in law I could ever have asked for. She welcomed me into her family and I have never looked back. We have a very special relationship. She raised boys so never had a daughter to do girlie things with and I have made sure we make up for that. We do spa days together, we go shopping, we make the men accompany us on afternoon cream teas and they are some of my best and most cherished memories. 

This post is inspired by a post I read on Heathcote & Ivory called Mother’s Way. If you haven't checked it out its such a nice uplifting read. It talks about tips that your mother or mother in law or any woman in your life has handed down to you over the years. There are so many handy ones. That I am going to use now to so go have a little read. 

With that in mind, I want to share some tips I have learned over the years with you all. 

I and my mother in law share a love of nice candles. These can be really expensive. My mother in law taught me how to make the most out of my candles by making them last longer. She told me that once you have burnt your candle there is always quite a lot of wax at the bottom, That you just can't burn anymore. This is especially true with larger candles. This would normally just be wasted but not with this tip. If you heat up the wax in your old candle, you can then pour it into your wax burner and you get to use up all the leftover wax and get more out to your favourite candle. I love this tip and use it all the time. It has helped me save money and makes my home smell of my favourite candles for longer. I love it even more as my mother in law showed me how to do it. She is full of helpful tips and tricks.

I love flowers and so does my mother in law. I had always just taken them out of the wrapping and popped them in a vase with whatever comes with them. She taught me to cut the stems of the flower vertically and then place them in a water and sugar mix and this will prolong the flowers life and I can promise it does. 

More a random tip but bear with me. If you are struggling with weeds in between your paving slabs in your garden there are a couple tricks my mother in law has. You can boil a kettle and pour boiling water on them and this should kill them. You can also pour vinegar or salt on them. If you dont have pets that frequent your garden that is. 

I hope you have a wonderful mothers day and I would love to hear some of your best tips your mother or a mother in your life has shared with you. 

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