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The best dog dental treat on the market.

Today we have an exciting review post for you all. You know I love doing reviews but today is even more special as this review is all about my dogs. If you have been following me for a while you will know I am a bit of an obsessive dog mum. I love my dogs and they mean the world to me. As you can imagine this means I take a lot of care of them and what they eat and drink. Call me overprotective but they are a huge and important part of my family. 

First, let me introduce you to the testers. 

Millie is a 9-year-old Springador and she is the boss of the house. She loves nothing more than play fighting and bog diving. She can mostly be found swimming and cuddling. She loves food but can be fussy. She has a love for apples and chicken. She also loves to smell flowers in the garden. She likes nice smells as well as awful ones. 

Mylo is a 6 year old Dalmatian. He is a soft soul and the baby of the household. He would do anything this sister Millie told him. She is his idol. He loves to come mountain biking with us and loves to swim and run. Like most Dalmatians Mylo has a sensitive tummy and is on a special diet. He has a love of fruit especially apples and bananas.    

Now you know a bit about the testers now it is time to introduce you to the product. Elkwood Rattlesnaps Broccoli & Apple Magic Balls with chicken These are produced by Pet Brands and available at all good pet shops. Pet Brands is an amazing site full of all the best and most sought after items for you pets. They stock items for a wide range of pets and wild birds. So if you are looking for a great online pet shop you need to go and check out Pet Brands

A bit about Elkwoods Rattle Snaps Broccoli and Apple flavour. 

Rattle Snaps are a new revolution in dental snacks for dogs. They are proven to reduce plaque and help to maintain healthy teeth. Not only that but the design makes it a fun and exciting treat for your canine companion. 

What's in them?
Rattle Snaps are made with 80% dried fruit and vegetables. They are crammed packed with vitamins antioxidants and fibre as well as dried chicken chunks for protein. They are low in fat. Gluten-free and have no added sugar. 

Why the flavour? 
Broccoli is high in fibre, vitamin c and low in fat too. whilst Apple is a great source of vitamins A and C and of course fibre. Vitamin A promotes healthy eyes and vitamin C is great for you dogs immune system. Remember to never feed your dog a large quantity of broccoli as it can cause some stomach upsets. If you do contact your vet for advice. 
How to feed Rattle Snaps to your dog? 
This is a very clever feature of Rattle Snaps. One packet comes with two 5 ball sticks. Which can be easily broken to the recommended portion for your dog. For example, a small dog would get one ball and a big dog can have the full five sticks. This is explained on the packet so you will know how many to give your pup. If you like you can break them into single balls and give them a train or reward treats. 

Millie and Mylo's verdict. 
First I need to explain a bit about how lucky my dogs are. They are blessed and get sent press samples like I do. This normally doesn't really phase them. Until now, from the moment this box got delivered both dogs have been interested in it. Mylo took to taking me through to the room I was storing them in to show me the box. Code for open that box mummy now. This happened on more than one occasion. I have been poorly so the box was waiting for me to be able to open and do the photos with them. I have never been shown to a room so often by my dogs. 

From the moment I opened the box, I knew there was something magical about these treats. Both dogs went mad for them. I mean like an excited child on Christmas morning type of excitement. They would not have liked these treats more. I think what you are thinking Oh a dog like a treat scoff. No, honestly Millie is super fussy I mean annoyingly so sometimes. For example. Millie will not eat her breakfast if the water temperature in her food is wrong. In case you are wondering she likes it warm not too cold.  

This treat has been a complete success in this house I have never seen either of my dogs beg so much for a treat. They are both obsessed with them. This makes me so happy as there are so many benefits in these treats plus they are low in fat too so I don't have to worry about them being naughty treats. 

I also love that I dont have to worry about any sore tummy's from Mylo as these are full of good ingredients and vitamins. If you have a dog with any kind of tummy issues you will know how much you need to read the ingredient list before you can give them to the dog and these pass the test for Mylo. 

Whilst we are talking confessions about these treats. I need to shame a pup. I caught Millie stealing the wrapper to smell it. Luckily I took the little deoxidizer packet out of the packet before I set it beside my laptop to write this. She has never liked a treat like this before. I can only describe this like when she likes to smell flowers. Yes, my dogs are very strange. 

It is safe to say both dogs love these treats and I will be buying this myself for them. 

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