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How to throw an online baby shower.

Well, we are in a different world just now although the world has changed and we are in lockdown that does not mean big life events should go unnoticed. Yes, we cannot hold events that we can all attend but we can celebrate in different ways. Today we are going to talk about how to throw a virtual baby shower.

Becoming a mother is a huge life event for any woman and it comes with a wide range of emotions. A mum to be is going through so many changes from morning sickness to building a nursery to you know growing a human, These are all stressful and exciting in equal measures but right now it is hard to show mums to be just how special and loved they are. We may be stopped from seeing each other in person but this does not mean we can be stopped from celebrating the mum to be via the wonderful world of the internet. My top tips on how to organise a virtual baby shower.

The date
This is where you need to decide is this going to be a big surprise for the mum to be or do you want her to know all the plans? If you are going down the surprise route you might need to rope in her partner or parent to find out her availability and don't forget to ask how she is feeling. If the mum to be is struggling with sickness or exhaustion you will want to make sure you respect this. There is nothing worse than being made to sit too long on facetime if you are poorly and need to lie down. So be mindful of the special lady.

The Guest list
The who this is where you think about the mum and not who you want to attend. If the mum to be doesn't like to be the centre of attention, maybe you need to think about a smaller online gathering. I would recommend again roping in the mum to be partner or parent to help you with the guest list. If you are going down the surprize route. You want to make sure you invite all the people in her life that she would want to be there.

You might want to leave a bit of time to explain to some of the guests how to get on teams or zoom. Not everyone has used this before. It might be worth a little email to explain how to sign on to the event. I would do this with some screenshot to help. Not everyone is tech-savvy.

The Gift list

This is my favourite part. Are you all going to chip in for one big gift? Is there going to be a gift list or are you all choosing what to by the mum to be? This is a good time to find out what you would all like to do. This is also a good time to sound out the mum to be to see if there is anything she needs or wants. 


I love choosing gifts I like to put real thought and effort into the gift. It is something I just love to do. I want to share my little secret. I have found The Baby Hamper Company who make the best baby hampers. They have everything you could want in lovely hampers for mummy and baby. They have taken the effort out of picking individual gifts to make a hamper. They have a huge range of options suiting every budget and style.

Soft toys.

There are so many great gift options out there and I am a little obsessed with gifting a snuggly toy. I also like to be the head of the curve with these gifts and give something like a Jellycat soft toy. These have so much prestige. I think they will go up in value too especially if you order a limited edition one. They are easy to order too just search Jellycat UK. I am just head over heels for these cute little squishy tabbies. 

My personal favourites are The pure white baby hamper if you don't know the sex of the baby.  This has a cute newborn sleepsuit,  A baby bunting sleep gown, a knotted hat, a little relax candle and little socks. It is so cute and perfect for any little one. 

Or My other favourite is the personalised baby monochrome hamper this one is good if you know the baby's name. I love to give personalised gifts if I know the babies name as I think its not only a lovely gift but a nice keepsake to always have.  The personalised baby hamper monochrome has amazing products in it. A stunning personalised embroidered grey cotton blanket,  swaddle, socks, baby milestone cards, newborn sleepsuit, a bodysuit and a mini baby teether. 

Once you have chosen what you would like to gift the mother and baby, you need to remember you will need to have it delivered to her address. This again can be tricky if it is a surprise. You will need to get their other half to keep them all hidden for them or tell the mum to be she is not allowed to open them until the event. 

The food
Just because it is all online does not mean there is to be no food. I have had a couple ideas depending on where everyone is logging in from. First I would arrange for some special cupcake or cream tea be delivered to the mum to be. I also like the idea of everyone ordering lunch from a delivery company or making an at-home cream tea to eat whilst the online party gets going. This way the other guests can get the prosecco on the go. What it is still a baby show so pop the corks, ladies and gents. 

Why not think of some fun online baby shower games. Like, guess the weight of the baby and baby names scrambles or what about making a baby emoji guessing game. There are lots of little games you can play online to keep the party atmosphere. As the host, it is your job to keep the party alive and keep people chatting and having a good time. 

The day
The day has arrived you have done all the planning, You have spent two-hour teaching aunt Brenda how to zoom call. Your deliveries are done and you are ready to celebrate. So relax and celebrate the mum to be and have a fantastic day filled with love and laughter! All your hard work has paid off and the mum to be, feels special even if you all can't be there to give her the big hug she deserves. 

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