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Overhauling my garden how to get summer ready now.

Is it just me or has this last year made you pick holes in your home? We have all spent far to much time in our homes and most of us have been working from home too. I have been working from home for years but I have found myself really analysing my home and what is and what is not working for me. I have like most of you spent days rearranging and reorganising and let's be honest redoing it all again. I have painted and decluttered and reorganised more times than I want to actually admit and I am still not happy with the results. 

I have come to the conclusion I need to refocus on the garden because of the prospect of no travelling or holidays this year.  We are going to be spending a lot more time at home and in our gardens. It is time to do to the garden what I have done to the house. It is time to make it my oasis. So it's time to do a DIY garden makeover.

Garden room. 
I have come to the conclusion that I want to get a garden room installed in my garden. There are a few reasons but mostly I need an office away from the house and this could double as a place to entertain in the garden and a gym. It will of course add value to my house and thus making it an even better idea in my head. I am sick of working at my dinner table and I am in need of quiet space away from everything.  I am thinking something like the above photo would be perfect for my needs. 

I would incorporate it with seating and possibly a BBQ area. So it can also work as an outdoor dining option. and I am thinking about adding a couple of Tropilex hammocks to the outdoor area to give it a real zen vibe.  

I think this could really open up our garden so we are able to use it more. Living up here we have midgies and being able to nip into the garden room instead of the house would be amazing especially when BBQing. 

My garden is overlooked a little bit at the front. The front of the house gets a lot of sun in the summer and I would like to sit out there but feel that all my neighbours would be watching me. Yes, I know they wouldn't actually be watching me but I feel overlooked. I want to plant some hedging to offer me some extra privacy. This will also help my dogs as they won't be able to see people passing by and stop them barking.

Also, I had Hedging like this growing up and I loved all the birds that nested in it. We even had a deer who liked to sleep in our hedge and I love that idea that it would give them shelter on a bad night. I love to watch the wildlife out my window. We are so lucky our house backs on to the hills and we have such a pretty view. Yesterday I spent an hour watching the deer as they grazed and sunbathed. It is so peaceful to me. Quite often we will be cooking in the kitchen and look up to see a huge deer or stag hanging out in our garden. It just makes me so happy and feels so Highland. 

I need to up my landscaping game. I live in the Highlands and the weather here is harsher than in the south. I want to make my garden a bit cleaner looking with nicer grass and some little planters. Somewhere between a modern garden and a Highland garden. I will need to reseed the grass and get to the weeding and planting. 

Growing Your Own Food
I like everyone else has spent far to much time on youtube and blogs and I am now of the opinion I can grow my own vegetables. 

Storytime. I grew up in the very north of the Highlands and in October we had two weeks of holidays called the tattie picking holidays. This is when we all went and picked the potatoes. This would be done by hand and if we were lucky with a machine. I grew up thinking everyone did this. Apparently not. I am sure if I can pick the tatties I can plant and grow them and I think I will do turnip too. I love turnip. 

I need to start to get this area already for my new adventure in growing my own food. I am going to do a bit of research and see if there is anything else that will be easy to grow up here and give that a go too. I love the idea of being able to grow something and then make a fabulous meal out of it Because well why not. 

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own garden. 

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