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10 things we could learn from the french

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

I am just back from France and it has me thinking we could all learn a thing or two from the French. I went to Normandy this time and here are my top 10 tips I have taken from the French.

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1. Buy fresh fruit vegetables and meats. I love french supermarkets. The fruit is so inviting and laid out so nicely. It is more common on the continent to go to a local butcher for your meat. This being better as your meat is fresher and not mass produced.

2. Take a nap. Between 12pm -2.30pm everyday French people have a lunch break. Time to eat relax and take a nap. So you are not rushing and your food can digest.

3. Everyone bikes. I mean everyone. I have seen a very old lady in the middle of the village with her bike with the cutest basket on it getting her bread. Exercise is so important how often do we all jump in the car to nip to the shops instead of walking or taking our bike.

4. Vaping. No one smokes in Europe anymore. Everyone is vaping. Not only is this better for you but there are no more cigarettes butts all over the street. Every town we went to had vaping shops and the smells were amazing. Like walking past a Lush shop. The vaping world seems to be expanding daily with new advances in science and technology such as Vape AYR 

5. Shopping. After spending the day shopping I realise that we in the UK are a bit fad crazy. French shops and full of stylish staples that could transcend the season and decade. We need to think more time capsule than times sensitive clothing items. Come on we all have items in our wardrobe you know you are never going to wear.

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6. Driving. Speed limits in France are a lot slower. Thus making it a safer place for everyone. I am not going to go on but you all know the advert "hit someone at 30 and there is a good chance they will live....etc"

7. Health and safety. We are obsessed to the point of crazy with this. French people are more relaxed about it. How many times have you though "This is health and safety gone mad"?

8. Clean toilets and streets. Yes, even public toilets were spotless. How can we not have clean toilets? Our public conveniences give images of drug deals disgusting smells and dirt. I went into one toilet which had a plastic cover on the lid which automatically changed before you used it and then when you left it sprayed the place with disinfectant.  Dirty toilets are my pet hate.

The street was the cleanest I have ever seen. 

9. Skincare, Is a must. Everyone uses suncream. You see people putting on their suncream and moisturising. It is simple to do but how often do you really put on suncream and no I don't mean the SPF in your foundation? french toiletries are amazing. I bought a great body oil for less than one euro

I wish we could have this in the UK.
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10. Be proud of your roots. Normandy was hugely affected by both the world wars. This is very apparent with every village having flags and memorials for those who lost their lives fighting for French liberation.  Walking around the graves in Normandy of all the soldiers and actually seeing the magnitude of what had happened on D Day. It had a very sobering effect on me. We all could have a bit more respect and understanding of what our ancestors did for us.


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