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Leanbean review – Reasons this fat burner works

Hi Everyone,

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As followers of Miss L J beauty will know I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to weight loss and burning fat. Having lost a fair amount of weight I know what’s needed to really change your figure for good.

Leanbean is a natural fat burner made by supplement specialist Ultimate Life, their main area of expertise is female fat burning products.

Leanbean isn’t a prescription fat burner, instead it capitalises on the power of natural ingredients which science has shown can be effective in some of the following areas;

  • Lowering belly fat & cellulite – Hardening up the soft parts of your body.
  • Raising stamina & Endurance– Giving you the energy to exercise for long periods with greater endurance in the gym.
  • Speeding Metabolism – Helping you burn extra calories whilst at rest.
  • Suppressing Appetite – Helping you cut cravings down to size and avoid cheating on your diet.
  • Inhibiting Aromatase – Preventing the build-up of certain hormones which are responsible for fat production.  
These are bold claims but unlike a lot of the other products out there - including many weight loss coffees and teas of this world - Leanbean offers a money back guarantee when you choose their 3-month program. So, if you’re looking to shred down you can try Leanbean with the comfort of knowing there’s a guarantee should you not see the benefits.   
What’s in it?
As I mentioned Leanbean isn’t a medication, it does however supplement your body with nutrients it’s likely already short on, nutrients that can help provide your body with the things it needs to burn fat.
To do this Leanbean includes a range of ingredients all with a slightly different purpose. For your metabolism, there’s healthy amounts of Green Tea and Green Coffee, both of which are regularly included in these kind of supplements.
Then for appetite control you have Cayenne Pepper and an ingredient I’ve only just learnt about called Glucomannan, this is a plant extract which helps you feel more satisfied after eating.
Finally, you’ve got a number of other ingredients chosen for their role in promoting good health. This includes Turmeric as well as Vitamins B6 & B12 which are known to effect fat burning in woman due to their influence on a substance called Aromatase.  
What about side effects/can you take whilst pregnant
It’s a fair question as fat burning supplements often work through their inclusion of Caffeine. Leanbean does include Caffeine, but not what I would say are silly amounts, I certainly didn’t experience anything resembling side effects whilst taking it, so for most people it should be fine.
If you’re trying to cut down before getting pregnant then Leanbean’s natural ingredients are a great way to supplement your hard work.
In terms of taking this product whilst you are pregnant it’s probably wise that you ask a doctor first, as like I said it does include some Caffeine.
How to take Leanbean
I’m not sure there’s any hard and fast rule with this although the makers recommend spacing out each Leanbean capsule so that you’re getting a regular hit of the ingredients all day long. The suggested servings are one tablet at a time, four times a day, so by my reckoning that’s one every three hours or so.
The only time it might be worth changing this up is if you’ve got a particularly hard work-out and you want an extra dose of energy, in this case some people might try two capsule right before exercise but that just comes down to personal preference.
Other info
You’d be surprised these days at how many fat burner manufacturers don’t give you the full breakdown of what’s included in their products. The most common problem with some supplements in this sector is something known as a proprietary blend – it’s where the makers simply include a big list of ingredients on the label but don’t tell you the amounts of each one. It’s something that’s quite common when buying pre-workout supplements too. As you’ve probably realised Leanbean doesn’t do this, which is great, as you can see each and every ingredient is clearly found on the label.
Final review

What I’ve come to learn with getting in shape is weight loss and fat burning are two different things. Weight can be effected by a whole host of things such as water retention and improved muscle mass.
The point of a good fat burner is that you’re more likely to see the difference in the mirror rather than on the scales.
This was definitely the case for me whilst taking Leanbean, as I’m quite an active person I used this product whilst working out in order to help create more definition and tone up. I was really happy with the results.
In terms of physical response, the reduced appetite is likely the thing you’ll be most aware of due to the Cayenne Pepper and Konjac fibre. When I’m on a diet I always find the hunger pangs the hardest thing to deal with but with Leanbean this wasn’t as noticeable.
The natural Caffeine in this product may also raise your temperature somewhat, if you take the product close to a training session it’s possible that you may perspire ever so slightly more too due to the Green Coffee and Green Tea. This isn’t anything to worry about though, If anything it just shows the product is working.
Whilst nothing will simply make your fat vanish overnight on its own, the point of Leanbean is to prime your body for fat burning by giving it the right ingredients, as long as you’re training hard and eating right then this supplement will do the rest.
You can buy Leanbean from www.leanbeanofficial.com