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Side Effects Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a positive thing; a point that few people would find a reason to disagree with. For those who have lost weight, they can feel a new sense of purpose and outright enjoyment from life when they have slimmed down-- and they will be far healthier, too.

While there isn’t a catch as such, there are a few things that you might learn about yourself if you go through a weight loss transformation. You will learn that you have more willpower than you thought; that you’re in control of your own body. All very positive things that are well worth knowing, but when the weight is gone and you’re maintaining your loss, you’ll also discover a few surprising realities of life as a newly-svelte woman.

For example...

Brrr! Feeling The Cold


When you’re overweight, your fat acts like a winter coat that you never take off. When overweight, you probably struggled to cope with the heat, always feeling the impact of a hot summer day far more than those of a slimmer stature.

Your body gets used to that weight; it gets used to the warmth that it provides. When you lose the weight, you will find yourself pretty much permanently feeling cold. Even on a warm day, you will be pulling a cardigan around yourself and muttering about how freezing it is.

The good news is that this does eventually fade, but it can take up to a year for your body to truly adapt. In the meantime, wrap up warm and hope for lots of sunny days to help take the edge off the chill!

Losing Your Mind Over Loose Skin

No matter how much you exercise, if you have lost a lot of weight, you’re probably going to have to deal with loose skin. How bad your loose skin is depends on a lot of different factors; your exercise level does matter, but simple basic facts such as genetics play a part as well. If you gained weight during pregnancy, then the relatively rapid gain-and-then-loss makes loose skin all the more likely.

This loose skin can spoil the feeling of being able to enjoy your new body. If it concerns you, then try a routine that’s designed to strengthen your muscles and help you tone up. As your muscles build mass, they will naturally tighten the surrounding skin-- this can make a significant difference. If you still feel like you’re not comfortable, then you can always seek the advice of a top plastic surgeon who can help you feel more confident in your new shape.

The Need To Spend Pounds (£) After Losing Pounds (Ilbs)


Finally, there’s a financial cost to losing weight. As a matter of pure necessity, you’re going to have to invest in your wardrobe, as your old clothes simply won’t fit you anymore. This can be quite the shock to the system, as you essentially have to start over, buying basics and then special outfits. It’s fun being able to try on new clothes you couldn’t have worn before, but it’s definitely an expensive time!

Of course, with all these minor downsides, there’s still no doubt that weight loss is the best thing for you-- so enjoy it!