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My fitness Journey back with results with lucy

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

I have been back with Results with Lucy for Two Months. I Kinda feel off the fitness bandwagon after slipping a disc in my back.  I was given the all clear and It was time to get my Favourite fitness sensation in my life. As A blogger I get Offered lots of workout plans and programs but I always end up back with results with Lucy. I find for me there program just work. I think I will always be a #RWLFittie

There are loads of program and if you check my fitness section you will see I have done a lot of them. This time it was on Demand plus for me which is the plan with unlimited access to video workout and meal plans. There are also mini-series to follow from student days to a wedding planner. 

I love the results with Lucy ethos. Workout in your own home when you have time. Working out doesn't have to cost the earth. From as little as £14.99 a month you have all you need to achieve your goal and more. 

I love that with one demand you can choose what type of work out you do. If I was short on time I could pick a 20-minute session or if I needed an arm blast and HIIT Harder session. I could do that. 
I tried to fit in every second day. This to coincide with washing my hair. Does anyone else do that?

So I know you are thinking show me the results 

I don't work in weight only Inches. As I believe weight is so variable but Inches tell the full truth of any exercise and healthy eating You do. There no cheating the tape measure. 

My Inch loss

Arms-0.5 ins

Total Body Loss - 22 inches. OH MY GOSH! 

From this to this 

 from this to 

From this to 

 from this to 

From this to 

The end result. From a size 12 to a size 8-10 I got my waist back and I have to say I feel better than
ever. I got so many compliments on my figure at the wedding I was going to. For the first,  I felt confident in my skin and felt the hard work had paid off. I will never be the skinniest girl as I am Hourglass but I feel happy and healthy. 

Stay tuned for My next results with lucy update. 

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