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Ryanair Despair!

Hi everyone, 

This year has been crazy for me. Due to my and my husbands work commitments We haven't been able to have a proper holiday this year, A lot of things were working against us getting away. It's our best friends wedding, A week on Monday! which will be amazing. After which we have about two weeks off. Which is awesome as I haven't had much time with my husband since April this year. 

Since we didn't get the chance to book a holiday in advance we are struggling with getting anywhere decent last minute. We are putting our dogs to the in-laws in Torquay to be looked after, this leaves us the choices of leaving from airports near there. 

So here is our dilemma. The choices for a quick week break not flying too far seems to all be with flights from Ryanair.  GREAT, I have mixed feeling about Ryanair. I have flown with them before and had flights that have been fine But the news just now is putting the fear in me. 

The news is full of families stranded at the airport because Ryanair have cancelled thousands of flights. Could you imagine being at the airport on holiday to be told there is no return flight for you? 

Seriously a multimillion pound company can not sort out pilots holidays. These people have a very highly skilled job and I can only imagine the stress they encounter and yet their employer cant even gets their holidays sorted. Leaving 70,000 people with cancelled or delayed flights. If I was one of the cancelled flight I would be making a claim I recommend flight delay claims 4 u Let them do the hard work for you and fight Ryanair for your companion you are entitled to! Get something back for your misery so you can do something else instead. I know not ideal but at least you will get the compansation your deserve.

 I think there has been a lot of mix reports on social media about the pilots. Come on people I know I would rather have a pilot who is well rested, getting the time off and recovery they need. Instead of someone who must be near burned out and have no family time?

I know I haven't had a holiday this year from work and I am near burnout myself and I am in a customer-facing role with little responsibility. I really think Ryanair CEO needs to step down. If I was the pilots I would be asking. When did he have his last holiday? Is he too suffering from no holidays? 

Is it me or is Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary coming across as a complete asshole? Are you telling me that he, the head of this company does not know that everyone is entitled to holiday leave in the UK?
Come on everyone support these pilots decisions and yes a cancelled flight is super annoying and really not acceptable but these people are not doing this to upset or strand you its because all other avenues have been tried and they are not being listened to. We would all do the same. 

This has really put me off booking any holiday. Due to Ryanair, all the other UK flight companies have pushed up their flight prices this has a huge knock-on effect. Making a cheap week away completely overpriced. 

Have you been affected by cancelled flight? or delays over 3 hours? Don't forget to make a claim. Click the link above.