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Allow Your Skin To Embrace The Cool Weather

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A lot of people tend to think that winter is bad for your skin - it dries up and leaves you feeling rough and miserable. But actually, the cool, fresh air can work with you - not against you. You just need to know all the tricks of the trade to stay on top and not be consumed by the icy blizzards.
Here are all the reasons why the winter isn't that scary at all.

It helps you sleep better
Who doesn't want a wonderful night's sleep? - Taking away any stresses that are running through your mind, giving you the energy you need to start another day, and leaving you with healthy-looking skin. This is because sleep reduces any under eye circles that you have, leaving you with a glowing complexion to make anyone envious.
In the summer, it can be very hard to sleep through the whole night because it's hot, humid, and sticky. Whereas, although in the winter the weather is cold - your body is able to drop its own temperature to remain balanced. So even if you feel cold when you first get into bed - that'll soon be a distant memory.

It helps you burn fat
Your body, in general, is able to change in appearance significantly in the areas where you tend to store a lot more fat. This may be around the arms, the belly, the legs, and the face, etc. Your body reacts to the cool weather by triggering the effect of burning more calories, it almost works as a signal telling your body to start working even harder than it usually does.

It clears your pores
The cold air will not only naturally clean your pores for you, but it will shrink them in size meaning they will be a lot less visible - if not completely disappear altogether. This is because the cool air acts as an astringent or tonic when hitting the skin. Another great benefit is that if you tend to suffer from oily skin, the cold weather slows down and even at times prevents the secretion of sebum (which is the oil that builds up in the different layers of your skin). This means your skin creates its own kind of waterproof mask which stops any bacteria working its way in and causing you oily, acne infested skin.

It gets rid of puffiness
Being out in the cold air may not feel awfully satisfying, but your body is benefiting greatly from it because the weather promotes your blood to circulate more, all around your body and in the face. By doing this, it is essentially reducing any swelling that you may have in the face, like around the eyes if you've just woken up, or been crying, or have had an allergic reaction to something.

It rejuvenates the face
Do you know the reason why we're told to splash cold water on our faces in the morning? - Well, it's to rejuvenate our faces for a few seconds. The cold water helps by tightening the skin on your face, and leaving it looking younger and more radiant. So if you're out in the cold weather, just think how much better this technique will be. Pair that up with a nice serum to help your skin lock in moisture and you'll be model worthy. This is also why cold showers are great (if you can bear it!) It tightens up the cuticles in your hair, and closes the pores on your face which prevents both areas from getting clogged with dirt.

It adds colour to your cheeks
When out in the cold weather, the term 'rosy cheeks' didn't become popular for nothing. The cool temperate can actually train your blood vessels to be more responsive than they normally are, which leaves you with a slight redness in your cheeks. So no need to cash out on that expensive blusher you had your eye on - do it the natural way and talk a walk outside instead.

It provides cleaner air
Winter isn't only a joyous time because Santa is on his way - it’s also wonderful because all of the bad quality air that tends to surround us in the hotter seasons disappears. In its place, you are left with crisp, fresh, breathable air that fills your lungs up purely. So there's never been a better time to go out and explore the outdoors - your body isn't suffering. So go for a long walk in the pretty winter woods, breathe deeper, think less, and know that your skin is thanking you for it.

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