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Goodbye stubborn fat pockets, Hello CoolSculpting

Hi everyone, 

As you know I spend my days researching the newest health and fitness technologies and today I came across an amazing Fat fighting treatment. 

I have had a never-ending battle with Fat! After losing 7 and a half stone. I was able to redefine my figure but I have been left with pockets of fat that I can not shift. No matter how many crunches or kettlebell lifts I do. 

Pulse light clinic in London has a revolutionary new treatment called CoolSculpting.  Which is a non-surgical way to targets your troublesome fat areas for good? Sounds amazing.  Check out the video above. 

What areas can it treat?

Love handles 
saggy bum
back fat 
double chin
belly fat 

So basically areas where you can workout till your blue in the face but it can't shift all the fat pockets you have developed in your life.  So let's banish fat for good

What does it do? 
It does as the name suggests it freezes away your fat cells making them unable to reform or regrow. Without the need for needles or going under the knife. There is no risk of damage to your skin whilst having this procedure and it is completely safe and FDA approved. It can be done on any skin type. The before and after photo looks outstanding and it has nothing but great reviews. 

What happens in a treatment?

The coolsculpting machine is placed on your targeted fat area for one hour. You have to sit with it in place but you can check your emails, catch up on the news or ever have a sleep. whatever you desire. whilst your fat cells are being killed off never to return. You may feel a slight tingling in the first 10 minutes as you get used to the machine but nothing you cant handle. 

For further information and to book your treatment or free consultation contact 

Pulse Light Clinic 

Bank / Liverpool Street Clinic London Tel: 0207 523 5158 or
Oxford Street / Tottenham Court Road Clinic Tel: 0207 205 4085

The next time I am in London I will be booking myself in for this treatment for sure. 

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