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Favorites Fitness, skincare and diet.

It's at that time. I find Monthy favourites aren't really working for me as a lot of mines don't change. I am constantly on the hunt for new and improved products but always go back to my faithful. This is more of my updated favourites. 

Fits things first Fitness, 

Not going to linger here as I have a full post on Friday but I'm Loving results with Lucy

I have new favourite leggings for working out hunkemoller.co.uk have done a collab with the amazing blogger Caro Einhoff. She is not only an inspiration but really knows how to make an amazing pair of a legging. I not only like the aesthetic but I love how these feel on. I have tried these doing normal HIIT workout with no issues at all and I also tried them on the bike. I wish this girl would do some padded one. At the moment there is two items for £35 so why not go check them out. I know I'm gonna have to pop in another order. 
Let me know if you fancy me doing a feel outfit review and vlog? I'm a size 8-10 and the small fit perfect with room for flexibility and no VPL. 

Whenever I travel down south, The change in water makes my skin break out like crazy. 
thank god for Clarol skin flora re-balancing serum £12.95. This stuff is magic in a bottle. This cleared my skin in a few days and it was glowing!

How does it work? 
It contains microsilver which is a natural antibacterial agent. This destroying and bad bacteria and increasing good bacteria. the best thing about this product is it continues to work for at least 8 hours. 

It goes on amazing before make and I have to say it has given me extra confidence in makeup free days. 

Wait its winter. Yes but suncream is an all year round product and I think we could all benefit from making suncream a daily item. 

My suncream of choice is Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen available from Amazon. This not only helps stop the ageing process but helps prevent skin cancer.

Altruist is formulated by a dermatologist. I have not broken out using this and my skin is highly moisturised when I have used this.  I won't harp on an on about this but if you buy any suncream get this it is amazing and did I mention that 10p from every sale goes to the charity underthesamesun.com. click the link to learn more. 


I have been loving matcha green tea. I find this super easy to add to any smoothie I have been having I find adding this really helps curb my appetite. What I love about this brand is that there do not put unwanted additives in any of their products and for my vegan reader they are certified vegan. 

I also love their organic spirulina powder You know I go on and on about protein for working out and the never-ending benefits of using protein after workouts. This is natural goodness with 9 amino acids, vitamin D and zinc all in one little magical powder. This really helps detox the body of waste products. A great after workout smoothie. 

Its that time of year! COLD season

I have found an incredible product which keeps infection away. 

Hubner immunpro-infection blocker

In my life, I have had the pleasure of swine flu and glandular fever so my immune system takes a beating a lot. My hubby says if there is an infection going I will get it. If there is a throat infection I am guaranteed to get it. I have tried so many different things to try and stop this from happening and TBH I kinda just accepted it. Until I met Immunpro Since I have been taking these I haven't caught anything. 

These tablets form a barrier in the mouth preventing infection from getting into your body. I was away in France as you know from my last post. I always get a cold from travelling this time it was a very large ferry and I have not caught a thing. People caught and spluttered at me and I got nothing. I know you are thinking.  Coincidence but really I catch everything. If Like me you are susceptible to infection get to boots and grab some of these you will thank me. 

pop one tablet in your mouth and let it dissolve and boom you are an infection blocker.