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Christmas gift guide for Children 2022 - AD

I can't believe it is gift guide season already. This year has gone in so fast and I am ready for some festive fun arent you. I think we need something fun to look forward to and Christmas is the time to celebrate with your family and friends. I know choosing the right gift can be really hard and that is why this little Christmas elf runs around compiling some of the best gifts out there for you. To take some of the stress out of the festivities for you. 

As with all my gift guides, some of the items I have bought as gifts for my loved ones and some have been gifted for inclusion in this guide. So without further a do let's get into it. 


kids colouring pillow

I love gifting a creative gifts. Eat Sleep Doodle dinosaur pillowcase is fun and creative and a little bit magical too. 

This cool dinosaur colour-in pillowcase makes one of the best gifts for children who like dinosaurs! They can colour-in and write on the different dinosaur names using the enclosed set of ten wash-out fabric pens. Then simply wash the pillowcase on a warm cycle, the ink disappears completely, and it's ready to go again! It's a fantastically fun and educational gift for kids

light up bear

For small babies, it can be really hard to know what to buy them but I think I have the perfect gift. Chicco Baby Bear Night Light. This is not just a super cute little bear. 

Chicco’s First Dreams Baby Bear is a soft and friendly plushie that will help them sleep peacefully. In Baby Bear’s tummy is a projector with three spectacular lighting effects – night projection with magical atmosphere, relaxing soft projection, and night light – and automatic colour-changing light to create a soothing atmosphere in the room. A range of melodies are available for 30 minutes with the touch of a button. First Dreams Baby Bear is made of quality soft plush material and soft plastic parts. It is easily machine washable

kids toys

I love Top Toys 2u They offer a massive range of toys and are perfect for gifts for the kids in your lives, They are especially good for affordable toy options but from brands, you know.  They have a great range of Hot Wheels, Troll dolls and my little pony. 

I have chosen some classics like Elmo, hot wheels and Fisher price DC Superfriends wheelie. You will defo be able to find a toy for the child in your life from Top Toys 2u. If you are struggling and don't know what to get They have a top sellers tab which shows you what they are selling most of and this is a great place to start to look if you really don't know what the child is in too as this has all the trending toys. 

Elmo 9-inch plush with accurate details sure to please Sesame Street fan For ages over 12 months

​Batman figure and push-along Batmobile for toddler-friendly Super Hero play! Place the figure in the car and push to race from one adventure to the next Figure and vehicle are sized just right for small hands to grasp and move ​For toddlers and preschool kids ages 1 ½ - 5 years. 

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:64 Scale Demolition Doubles trucks stand by to smash their arch-rivals! These two-packs of Monster Trucks squaring-off for epic crash attacks are purposely paired for head-to-head battles with their giant wheels and big personalities!

    I had to hold myself back from ordering for me as there are so many cute options. 

    light up ball
    A super fun option is the Waboba® MoonShine. This is a bouncy ball but not just any bouncy ball. This one is magic and lights up. Hours of fun with this special and interesting design. 
     Introducing Waboba’s brilliant glowing Moonshine Bouncy Ball. Play at dusk, dawn or in the dark, because it's a full Moon every night now with Waboba Moonshine. Our light up Moon Ball is fast, compact and lightweight, but light-years ahead in fun! The special design means it bounces like a pro, making a cool pop sound when it hits the floor. This also activates the white light inside, which stays lit for 7 seconds. Enjoy an exciting throwing and catching game in a flash with this amazing light up mega bouncy moon ball, great for kids and big kids. It also makes the perfect present for someone who likes a good old garden game with a difference

    For the mini adventurer
    kids head torch
    There is nothing better than outdoor adventure but it gets dark quickly at the moment. So the Princeton Tec Bot Kids LED Head Torch from Berry Useful. Is the best gift for any little adventure keep the adventures going after dark with this super helpful head touch. 
    Small, simple and ready for action: meet the Bot. The smallest member of The Family Series is designed with the same ergonomic features, ruggedness and reliability of the other members, but with a fun and bright twist. Durable plastics, a single arm bracket and large push button make the Bot sturdy and simple to operate.
    The battery compartment on the Bot screws shut to ensure that the batteries will not be accidentally accessed by little fingers. In addition, the Bot’s headstrap is equipped with a safety buckle that will release under excessive pressure 


    custom bookcustom kids book

    I love giving the gift of a book as there is one thing a child can never have too many of and that is books. This is the beheld be brave. In the Beheld range are 9 different adventure books which are personalised with the child's name, gender and hair colour making this a really special present for any child. 
    The series of beautifully designed, personalised books offer storytelling with purpose – using fun filled themes to deliver important life lessons. From confidence and courage to well-being and inclusion, their creative stories have hidden lessons to help parents gently teach positive values and help build their child’s strength of character.

    Harnessing the very latest in publishing technology, the nine books place the child at the heart of their own personalised adventure, taking them on a fantastical journey across new worlds where hidden life lessons await. From wizardry to space travel, the stories are thoughtfully crafted around a series of themes, perfectly aligned to childhood passions.

    tebby book
    teddy book

    This is The wonderful world of Teddy tails. These books are a wonderful adventure of a cute little fluffy dog called Teddy. I was sold just seeing the cover of these two books. 
        TEDDY'S TAILS is a new series of children’s picture books inspired by the adventures of Teddy, a beloved family dog. The books are written in rhyme and are beautifully illustrated by Jake Biggin. The verse encourages children to experience the flow and rhythm of language whilst learning new vocabulary. 
        It’s rare to find a child that doesn’t love stories about animals and these very gentle, simple and positive stories show the love a boy and his family have for their puppy and vice versa. Suitable for children aged 2-6 years. 
        The first book Teddy and the Tygers was published last year and explores the relationship between the family’s new kittens and Teddy and how they all adjust so they can live happily together. 
        This book could be helpful for young children who are welcoming a new sibling into their family.​The second book Teddy Versus the Underwear is NEW and out now and involves the mysterious disappearance of the family’s underwear... nobody suspects Teddy is hiding it. This book is funny and could help children understand problem solving
      milo book

      I was drawn to Uh Oh Milo! The Excited Elf Storybook due to it looking super cute and my dog is named Mylo. I know a little boy who would love that connection. 
      The build up to Christmas day is a time for memory making for the whole family. Share the joy of reading with your children this December with Uh Oh Milo! The Excited Elf

      This Christmas, you can join Milo, Mary and their magical Granny as they meet the Excited Elf, a Mischief Maker causing festive mayhem just before the big day. Uh Oh Milo, The Excited Elf is a festive story, perfect for Christmas Eve, that sees Granny struggle to help Milo and Mary fall asleep before a very special visitor drops down the chimney.
      baby cream

      Baby Kingdom Nappy Cream is a great product to add to a gift hamper for any new baby. suitable for newborns and 98% natural ingredients and vegan. suitable for sensitive skin super lightweight and nourishing. 
      Heal, soothe and protect delicate skin areas with our paraben free, antioxidant nappy cream. Rich in vitamin E and nettle extracts, which provide a natural barrier against moisture, bacteria and assis with the healing process for irritated skin. Our lightweight cream soothes with aloe vera and chamomile extracts. The nappy cream is kind to skin, rich in natural goodness with shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil to speed up skin recovery on sensitive areas

      baby wash cream

      Whilst looking for more practical items to add to a hamper I could not add the Original sprout Travel Trio. These are super versatile products. They are all vegan and natural and organic. but one of the best bits is they are suitable for all the family so perfect if you are in a time crunch when you are travelling. 
      A convenient bundle for your baby’s first trip, our Travel Trio has what you need to keep you and your little one clean and nourished.

      Includes: 90ml Deep Conditioner
      90ml Hair and Body Wash
      90ml Scrumptious Baby Cream

      I am Scottish I grew up with the mantra that Sudocrem can fix anything. Cut Sudocrem it, nappy rash Sudocrem it. are fallen off Sudocrem it. OK, not the last one but you get the gist and I have Sudocrem all over the house. I was shocked when some of my mummy friends didn't have any Sudocrem. So I found Sudocrem Naturals. Perfect to add to any baby hamper this Christmas. 

      The first is from iconic British nappy care brand, Sudocrem. Who earlier this year launched new Sudocrem Naturals. Sudocrem Naturals Nappy Cream formulation is 96% naturally derived, dermatologically tested with no synthetic fragrances or artificial colours, and suitable for normal, sensitive, and dry skin. It also comes in a recyclable, PICEA™ wood tube made from 95% renewable resources so it’s as good on the outside as it is on the inside! 

      bath rainbows

      Bathtime can be a stressful time for parents. Some children just hate having baths and if there is any way of giving the gift of a more fun and peaceful bath time then I think I have found it Mini u Cloud Bath Bombs. Mini U is a fantastic company it is vegan-friendly free from soy gluten and dairy and doesn't test on animals I mean win win win. 
      Hey, I’m Fizzy Phil the Pufferfish. You’ll have a fantastically colourful bathtime with my gentle, stain and mess-free bath bomb. Drop it in and let the rainbow colours explode.

      kids gardening tools 

      For the budding chef in the family, we have the kinderkitchen Essentials Set By Kuhn Rikon. You might as well start your career with the best set of knives. Why settle for normal children's knife set when you can have the best. 

      Our kinderkitchen Essentials Set contains a straight edge and a serrated edge Dog Knife plus a pair of Duck Snippers.

      The knives are made of the same strong Japanese stainless steel as other Kuhn Rikon knives and are sharp enough to cut soft food. For safety reasons they are not as sharp as adult knives and they have been tested by children.

      Suitable for children aged 3 and above, the knives has an appealing dog design to encourage enthusiastic young chefs – the ears act as a hand guard to keep fingers away from the cutting surface, while the tails are made from soft poke-free plastic.


      kids plate

      I love to give a cute but practical gift to some of the little ones I know as I know they will get a lot of toys. I think there is nothing cuter than Creative Tops Into The Wild Little Explorer Bunny 3 Piece Breakfast Set I mean just look at it. Make breakfast super fun with this cute little get and solider set. It is so cute I want it. 
      This cute breakfast set includes a porcelain egg cup and plate, a small spoon and a handy tin to store them away in. It's decorated with a baby bunny and finished with the words, ‘Yummy in my tummy’. A cute characterful design, it will have your little ones excited to sit down and eat their yummy dippy eggs and soldiers, using their own special breakfast set!

      phone charger

      What do you buy older children nowadays? I mean I can hardly keep up with trends so I have gone a sensible option with tech. A Thumbs Up Wireless Phone Charger and SWIPE Selfie LED Light 
      The Swipe by Thumbs Up! 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect desk companion to charge your smartphone throughout the day. Using the Micro-USB Cable, simply connect the Swipe wireless charging pad to a power source and place your smartphone on top of it to charge.

      The lighting, lighting, lighting – This is the key to a great picture. But we don't want to look the best place for a selfie – we want to do quick snap shots. With this clip-on light, which will suit almost all smart phones, you can easily create the most beautiful auto-fabrication. Just turn to attach the light to your smartphone and then let your beauty of LED bulbs. Three levels of brightness give you even more control over your photos as well as simple but stylish storage boxes.
      sweet treats 

      haribo sweets

      I mean I am not too sure if this need explained Haribo Superfan Selection I love Haribo and every child I know loves it too. Win major points with the kids and adults in the household by adding some hair to your gifts this Christmas. Or just order them and keep them for yourself and pretend you gifted them. 

      • Haribo Goldbears 160g
      • Haribo Soda Twist Zing 160g
      • Haribo Jelly Babies 175g
      • Haribo Twin Snakes 175g
      • Sour Sparks 160g

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