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Christmas gift guide for Vegan and Eco friendly 2022 - AD

 I have a lovely brother and sister-in-law who are Vegan and the first Christmas after they became Vegan I really panicked about what to buy them. Being vegan is really important to them and I didn't want to get it wrong. If like me you really don't know which products or items are vegan or eco-friendly this is the perfect guide for you. This will help you find you've loved one the perfect gift this festive season. 

As with all my gift guides, some of the items I have bought as gifts for my loved ones and some have been gifted for inclusion in this guide. So without further a do let's get into it. 

Food and sweet treats 

christmas jam

First up we have a Bramble and Apple Jam. Now, this isn't any jam this is the jam I made. I hand-picked the brambles and the apples. The brambles came from my garden and the apples from a local garden that kindly let me pick some of their apples. 

I wanted to make a really special gift that I could gift my In-law which was vegan so everyone can enjoy it. So I made this jam and It looks so professional as I actually had labels made by Vista print. I am really happy with the way the Jam looks and I think this will make a very special gift. If you would like the recipe l let me know. 

nut butter

Here we have a selection of products from Knottys. They do the best Vegan nut butter. This year I am making my brother and sister-in-law a hamper of vegan products and I had to include some nut butter. Knotty use only the finest vegan ingredients in all their products

I choose
Royal Highness Popping Candy & Peanut Butter. I mean how fun is that 
Top Banana Dried Banana & Peanut Butter. I mean a classic
Nutri-Butter Defence Peanut Butter with Maca & Acai Berry. Well, it is winter and this is packed with goodness to fight off any winter colds. 

vegan chocolate

vegan chocolatevegan chocolate

There is no better Vegan chocolate than Cocoba chocolate and they have smashed the vegan chocolate Christmas game this year. They have so many options and varieties there really is no better place to find delicious vegan chocolate. 

Here are my top picks. 

Vegan chocolate bar set - Made from vegan-friendly ingredients, this tempting chocolate bar set contains two delicious festive shapes, each decorated by hand in Cocoba's chocolate kitchen in Kent. The perfect duo to gift this holiday season to spread plenty of chocolate cheer!

Vegan dark chocolate hot chocolate bomb with mini marshmallow Christmas cracker -
A Christmas treat to be loved by vegans and dark chocolate lovers alike! This festively packaged trio of 55% dark hot chocolate bombes blends the decadent notes of cocoa with the sweetness of vegan-friendly marshmallows to create a truly irresistible hot chocolate that's totally moreish with every sip

Vegan Christmas character hot chocolate bombe with mini marshmallows - Limited edition Christmas character hot chocolate bombes; Santa, Reindeer, and Snowman. Our fun characters are perfect as a festive treat for little ones with vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free diets this Christmas.

healthy snacks

You can not go wrong with any kind of treat. Here is some of my favourite and super tasty treats. They are all available from Pulsin. Who is a game changer in the vegan market? They make the best product filled with only the finest ingredients. 
Delicious Purely Plantain Chips; an Ecuadorian delight, are sun-baked to perfection with no nasties, proper ingredients and free from palm oil. Low in sugar, plant-based, gluten-free and incredibly tasty. Purely Plantain Chips are also 30% less fat than average potato crisps.

Our deliciously indulgent choc covered Cookie Dough Protein Bar is the ultimate pre/post workout pick me up or snack to keep you energised between meals!

Made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and packed with 15 grams of plant based protein; it also benefits from being gluten free, contains no palm oil and has under 1 gram of sugar per bar. It's the perfect guilt-free alternative to traditional confectionery such as chocolate!

Try OHSO's Chocolate Probiotic Range, an easy way to add live cultures and good bacteria into your diet. Perfect for those who are health conscious looking for a sweet treat with extra health benefits. Split into 7 daily bars, they are perfect to get you through the week. 

Research suggests consuming probiotics in chocolate is x3 more effective than leading dairy shots. Not only have OHSO combined delicious Belgian chocolate with over a billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium live cultures, but they've also managed to do it whilst being completely free-from artificial colours and preservatives.

Try Livias 100% plant based scrummy cookie dough nugglets, which are squidgy choc balls, perfect for free-from indulgent snacking! A great vegan alternative to traditional dairy sweet treats, with only five natural ingredients. They're absolutely delicious and gluten-free!

Our delicious Natural Chocolate Pea Protein Powder is the ultimate plant based protein shake! With 70% protein, not only does it taste great, it is also rich in zinc and iron and works well in sweet recipes such as pancakes or porridge for a natural protein boost! It makes the ultimate chocolate pea protein shake!


fruit gin

WildJac Is a brand with a difference. Where to start.  They donate 1% of revenue back to amazing eco projects like Trees for city and Wyre community land trust. Each one of their bottles comes with a book of Seedsticks. Each stick contains a seed that will grow when placed in soil, to include a variety of wildflowers which includes Poppy, Ox-eye Daisy, Corn Chamomile and Corn Marigold seeds. WildJac is a caring Eco and suitability brand with awesome ethics. 

That is all before we get into the products. Here are the three I have samples and are all delicious in their own unique way. 

Plum Pudding Rum Liqueur - a celebratory serve that tastes like Christmas pudding in a glass. Local Shropshire plums are steeped in rum, then carefully blended with warming nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon with a twist of citrus. The result is smooth with raisin depth and a signature spiced finish. The perfect slow-sipper.

Apple Spiced Rum - made with ripe English apples complimented by warming spices, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and a twist of citrus on the finish. It’s perfect for the turning weather and cosy nights in.

Apple and Elderberry Gin - The ultimate autumn spirit, our apple and elderberry gin is a fresh combination of ripe, crisp apple and fruity red berries on the nose. A fruit-forward gin with jammy afternotes and a vibrant botanical finish.
kombucha drink
This is hands down my favourite fizzy drink, Remedy Kombucha Fruity Faves. a mixed case of 24 cans With 6 each of the following flavours mango passion, raspberry lemonade, Peach and cherry plum. I love them so much and drink them all the time. I would love this as a gift. 
Remedy Kombucha is the UK’s favourite Kombucha brand for a reason - its range of sparkling, live-cultured drinks are naturally free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, and use a traditional long-aged brewing process that results in an unrivalled depth of taste. Not only do Remedy’s drinks contain organic acids and antioxidants which can support gut health, the complex blend of sweet and sour notes resulting from the long-age brew create a delicious daytime soft drink or evening alternative. Kick your tastebuds into hyperdrive and work your way through this delicious mixed case including exotic Mango Passion, sweet Raspberry Lemonade, delicious Peach and fruity and floral Cherry Plum!
Thoughtful gifts 

cute mug

These gorgeous mugs are made by Vicky Yorke Designs A bit about the talented Vicky. 

Vicky Yorke is a surface pattern designer from Worcestershire. Her designs are often inspired by the nature that surrounds her and she loves to use this to create positive products that spread a little warmth and happiness into every home. 

These Mugs are by Vicky Yorke Designs. Designed in Worcestershire, in collaboration with Captivate Brands under the collection Siip Fundamental. You are even more stunning in person. 

Vicky Has a number of amazing and fun products for gifts and she has kindly set up a discount code for my followers so that you can get 10% off across the site when you spend £15 or more before midnight on December 31st. The code is MISSLJ10 which can only be used once per customer and can't be combined with any other offer.
 vegan skincare
I have loved Evolve beauty for quite some time now. They just get it so right, vegan amazing ingredients and most importantly products that just work wonders on your skin. Also if you are only buying one product defo check out their face masks they are all incredible but my top pick is 

The super treat gift box 
Indulge in some self-love and find your glow with our award-winning face mask gift the Super Treats: three targeted face masks designed to exfoliate, rejuvenate and nourish.

Go for fruity exfoliation with our Miracle AHA 3 Minute Mask, a golden glow with our Bio-Retinol Gold Mask or clarify with our True Balance SOS Mask

body butter

This is one of the nicest body creams I have ever tried Aviela skincare Pure Shea Butter The scent is delicious. It is perfect for this time of year and feels really high-end and luxurious. 

The Ultimate Dry Skin butter. Divine, natural deep hydration and nourishment for supple glowing skin. With 100% pure, highest grade unrefined Shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamins A and E in a light whipped butter. Suitable for all skin types


Comme des Jumelles
has put together a sweet Little Kiss box as a beautiful stocking filler or simply as a trial set to enjoy our new beauty collection.

The Little Kiss Box includes each of Comme des Jumelles’ products in 20ml pink aluminium tins: our body & hand cream “Comme une Caresse” and our Double Act cleanser and hydrating mask ‘Magic GelĂ©e”.

Let's face it really nice vitamins and supplements can be expensive and they can also make a great gift. These have just landed thought my door and sound amazing. 

The PMS Elixir, is a vegan supplement that brings balance and reliability to your monthly cycle, with a science-led formula that helps regulate healthy periods and relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension, formulated with 18 powerful ingredients for feminine balance, including Vitex, iron, magnesium, iodine from organic seaweed, broccoli sprouts and the adaptogen, ashwagandha.

The Goddess Elixir, is a vegan supplement that supports your journey through every stage of menopause, relieving symptoms including low libido and drive, hot flushes and night sweats, helping to maintain a healthy nervous system, and maintaining mental clarity and focus. It is carefully formulated with 16 natural ingredients containing a combination of botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals and omegas including red clover, vita, and Siberian ginseng while nurturing your inner calm with magnesium and hops.

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