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How to choose the right mens trousers

Long story short I am away with my husband at the moment and I am well a bit exasperated. So on this trip, we have a lot of occasions. We are away for Christmas, and along the way, we have visited friends, We have a trip to Barcelona booked and various Christmas events. 

After arriving at our first leg (no pun intended) of the journey my husband has just informed me he has packed one pair of jeans and one pair of trousers. That's it for trousers for the whole trip. He has packed his workout shorts in case you are wondering because why wouldn't you pack three pairs of shorts and only two pairs of trousers for a full three-week trip. In his words "that will do", "I can wash them". 

Do not get me wrong I love my husband but sometimes just sometimes I do not understand him at all. 

Anyways after discussing trousers with my husband. We chatted about the different trousers available and his options. I met with "well no one told me this". So this is the post to explain what trousers you need and for what occasions men's edition. Also surely this is not just my other half, right? 

man standing in black trousers
Classic Cord

 Underrated but coming back into fashion is the cord trouser. Cord trousers gives 70's vibes with thoughts of academics on their campuses talking about literature and art carrying notebook bags and briefcase. But the cord is making a huge comeback and is perfect for a nice lunch or as a bit of texture to a formal outfit. Classic style but super comfortable to wear. Making them perfect for any occasion where eating is involved. 

There is something so classic about mens corduroy trousers from chums. They are the perfect cut and come in a range of colours from black, brown, and fawn to navy, olive and petrel. They are soft to touch and easy to wear making them the perfect choice. Pair with a shirt and nice shoes job done. 

men standing in cord trousers

Formal trousers

This one doesn't really need much explaining really. But I feel like since we are doing this let's do it properly. formal trousers or suit trousers are for when a suit is required. Important meetings, weddings, funerals all these types of events. You are not going to wear these down the pud on a Saturday night with your mates after watching the footy. If you have an event that is formal buy formal trousers and goes the whole hog and get it tailored. A good rule of thumb is your fancy trousers don't go with trainers. Defo nice shoes, a suit jacket and shirts all the way. 

men standing in white trousers

 Chinos trousers

Chinos tend to be a more versatile trouser option. They can come in fabrics with waterproofing and dirt resistance. They are perfect for outdoor adventure whilst also good for wearing to the pub. You can definitely get dressed-up versions of the chino and dressed down ready for adventure chinos. Basically, these can be a good in-between style for everyday trousers. Pair with T-shirt, jumper and trainers or boots. 

man standing in jeans


We all love a jean, right? They come in a wide range of options from different colours to different styles. Let's face it as I type these there is probably a new style being added.  Jeans are your go-to for casual dress-up or everything in between. 

But there is a difference in these styles and colours not every jean fits or suits your body. It is always worth trying a range of jeans on and seeing what you like and don't like. Just because the jean is classic doesn't mean they will suit you. Go to a jean store and spend some time trying on different styles. speak to the sales staff and get advice. Wear with what every you like. We all know how versatile jeans are. 

man standing in black jogging bottoms

Jogging bottoms

There is nothing more comfortable in my opinion than the good old pair of joggers. But in my honest opinion, these are best kept in the house and for comfy occasions. They are also good for wearing to and from the gym or to do a home workout. I mean the clue is in the name isn't it? I am not saying they don't have their place but I defo don't think that is on a night out or in a posh restaurant Yes I have seen this. Pop these on and feel the comfort. 

I hope this has helped you find some trousers and where to wear them too. 

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