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The 3 best places to find winter sun for us Brits

The weather here in the UK is miserable. The rain is pelting the ground the wind is blowing everything sideways and it's freezing. It hit -6 up here yesterday. Yip, we are fully in winter and there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there? How about heading off to find some winter sun?  I am currently planning to book a little winter sun break because if I am honest I need some vitamin D and feel the warm sun on my skin. People always think about a sunshine holiday in the summer but what if I tell you there are plenty of great options to find sun without going long haul in the winter and prices tend to be more affordable. 

Today we are going to talk about my top 3 winter sun destinations. 

underwater coral sea

1. Egypt 

Egypt has a very special place in my heart as I got engaged in Hurghada. With an average winter temperature of 24c, you will not be disappointed with the heat. If you are looking to spend your days at luxurious beach resorts and eating exquisite food I recommend Hurghada. 

Hurghada is the perfect beach resort with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches you will be spoilt for choice. I love to snorkel and there is no better place in my opinion with some of the world's most beautiful reefs. If you are new to snorkelling this is the to learn as there are lots to see without being out of your depth. Oh did I mention the water is warm and I mean warm? 

egypt pyramids

Egypt is one of my favourite places in the world because I love history and archaeology. I have since I was little and with more ancient tombs and artefacts than any of us can imagine there is no better place to visit. 

If you are in Hargaha there is no better company to book any excursions with than Landious travel. Picking a tour operator in Egypt can be overwhelming but Landious Travel makes it a pleasure. They are known for putting their customers first and offering world-class service. 

If I was to recommend one trip whilst you are in Hurghada. It has to be Hurghada to Cairo by Plane private trip. I know what you are thinking wow that sound really expensive but it is actually really affordable. On this trip, you will get to see the Great pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum along with a picnic on a Nile riverboat and much more. There really is no better trip to feel like a celebrity for the day whilst being shown about these wonderful ancient places. 

cape verde view

2. Cape Verde

With an average winter temperature of 27c, Cape Verde islands is another great summer sun option for us brits and is only 6 hour flight from the UK. Cape Verde is made up of 10 small islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. 

Cape Verde is still a fairly new addition to the travel circuit making them a great place to explore more off the beaten track. Packed with long sandy beaches and lively surf. This is a water sports lover's dream. Ever fancy surfing or kite surfing Cape Varde might be the perfect destination for you. 

With this being newer to the tourism market you can expect new hotels which cater to every traveller from lively to relaxing everyone will have a place to stay. 

There are a lot of choices within Cape Varde and so many different cultures to explore. The island was originally discovered by the Portugues.  There are also African and Brazilian influences within the island. This can be seen in many different forms but especially be seen in the amazing food varieties on the islands. 

gran canaria
3. Gran Canaria

The Canary island has long been a winter sun destination for Brits. With Gran Canaria being the warmest with temps of 18 on average this is another great choice. This is a great choice for a shorter flight option but do not expect as warm temperatures as Egpyt or Cape Varde. 

This has been a regular on brits radar for years and sometimes gets overlooked. There are options for every type of traveller to Gran Canaria from the sunbather to the sports fanatic to the traveller looking for a more lively trip. 

There are party towns like Maspalomas, where you can dance the night away if this is your style but if it is not there are sleepier parts of the island to find rest and tranquillity like Puerto Rico. 

If you fancy a challenge why not head out on your road bike and take in some of the amazing sights on this island the old-fashioned way on your bike. The most epic ride is called The Valley of the Tears and is not for the faint-hearted but it is some of the most spectacular road rides you will do. 

Gran Canaria will not let you down with lots of amazing Spanish food with its own style and flair. 

I hope these 3 options have given you great ideas for your next winter sunshine holiday. 

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