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Christmas gift guide for Him 2022 - AD

So at Christmas, I know a lot of people struggle with what to buy the man in their life so I am here with my Christmas elf hat on to help you pick the best gifts to gift the man in your life this festive season. I work hard on finding the right gifts for the men in my life I really enjoy finding something that will make them smile and they will actually use it

As with all my gift guides, some of the items I have bought as gifts for my loved ones and some have been gifted for inclusion in this guide. So without further a do let's get into it. 


mobile phone

Not everyone is super tech-savvy or needs a big expensive flashy phone and I have found the perfect phone for these people. I know this would be a great gift for a grandparent or someone who likes a more simple reliable phone. Emporia SMART.4 32GB Mobile Phone

The S4 is a compact and easy-to-use 5 smartphone with simplified menus, large icons and text. The ease-of-use is coupled with powerful features for todays world, including an Integrated QR scanner App which is perfect for track and trace logging, or for linking to websites. It is simple to point and click at any of the unique QR images you may see.

The 13mp rear camera with LED flash delivers detailed pictures and also has a 5MP front camera for selfies or video calls keeping you in touch.  And with the pre-installed Magnifier App the camera becomes a handy tool for increasing the size of images or text that you might find difficult to read, perfect if you've forgotten your glasses.

Today we are used to contactless payments with cards, but with NFC (Near Field Communication) built-in you are now able to add secure banking apps or use Google Pay for all of your everyday shopping with your phone. 

head phones

Everyone needs good headphones. These are the OPPO Enco Free2. My husband has been trying these out and these are now his go two headphones. That speaks volumes as he is really picking when it comes to headphones and sound quality. 

OPPO Enco Free2 are designed for those who want a premium listening experience, created in partnership with Dynaudio, these earbuds strike the perfect balance between luxury and affordability at a wallet-friendly price point of £89.99. They’re Android and IOS compatible, so perfect to pair with your smartphone.

Key features of the OPPO Enco Free2 include:
  • Tailor-made listening experience: Analyses the user’s hearing profile to ensure they’ve always got pitch-perfect music
  • Active noise cancellation and transparency mode: Block out distractions, and transparency mode, to keep you in the loop
  • Long-lasting battery life: With 30 hours of playback, users can listen to their favourite playlists uninterrupted all day long
  • Premium design in a small form factor: Available in black or white with a dust and water-resistant design to stylishly go the distance and provide users with the ultimate listening experience come rain or shine.


mens pjs

Everyone loves nice loungewear. There is nothing better than getting home from work and putting on your comfy clothes and my top pick for this year's men's gift guide is this gorgeous DKNY  loungewear set. This set has a long sleeve T-shirt and shorts and it is in a lovely grey colour. Nice and soft and easy to wear these are a really great option. 

mens slippersmens slippers

A Really nice pair of slippers is always a lovely gift to give. My husband is obsessed with Moshulu FIR. To the point, I have to remind him to not wear them on the couch. But I get met with but they are so comfy and cosy. My photos are not doing these gorgeous slippers justice! Moshulu is an amazing British company from Devon. 

Fir takes that popular men's mule and adds a cosy faux-fur lining for extra snuggly comfort this season. With simple, supple suede uppers, padded suede underfoot and a subtle dogtooth woven binding these men’s slippers are ideal for keeping feet cosy! The lightweight EVA soles with rugged tread make these fluff-lined slippers even comfier for day-to-day wear.


tequila bottle

Because there is no better Tequila than Dead Man’s Fingers. This is a stunning Tequila which makes the perfect Espresso martini and who doesn't love a cheeky espresso martini. To be honest, any Dead Mans Finger Tequila's would make the best gift for the Tequila lover. 

The perfect match of rounded Tequila Reposado, (rested in Bourbon barrels for ultimate smoothness), meets bittersweet coffee for a deliciously decadent liqueur
Great over ice, as a shot or mixed up in an indulgent cocktail like an Espresso Martini or a Dead Man’s Coffee & Cream cocktail (shake together equal parts Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum, Tequila Coffee Liqueur and Cream, then strain into a glass and garnish with a coffee bean

scottish whiskey

Good whiskey is another amazing gift. I can actually see the Caisteal Chamuis distillery out my window. So you can't get much more local to me than that! I am in a remote village in the Scottish Highland. I have been assured by my taste tester that this is a really nice full-bodied whiskey that any whiskey drinker would be delighted with. 

Double barrelled for an extra smooth finish, Caisteal Chamuis blended whisky is first aged in refill and first fill American oak hogsheads, before going through a two-stage re-ageing, with part of the blend in 250l charred virgin American oak barrels, and the rest in refill hogsheads. A final ageing takes place in smaller 200l bourbon barrels.

The bottle itself tells the mysterious story of the ruined Caisteal Chamuis – the old fortress on the Sleat Peninsula of Skye which was fought over by the Mcleod and MacDonald clans throughout history.

Tasting notes: the result is a fragrant, layered and complex whisky with soft, smooth peat to start. Honeyed, peppery notes follow with sweet spice and creamy vanilla. It’s complex and soft, yet characterful.


For the Rum Fan, We have FLOR DE CAÑA 12 Year Naturally Aged Rum A beautiful full-bodied and crisp dark rum full of flavour and scent. 
A 12 year old full-bodied rum from one of Central America & most celebrated producers. Flor De Caña 12 is full-bodied with a reddish amber color. It has aromas of red fruits, honey and toasted nuts and a flavor with notes of wood, vanilla and baked apples, with a smooth and well-balanced finish. Naturally aged in bourbon barrels this dark rum contains no artificial ingredients, accelerants or sugar and has a similar calorie content as whisky or vodka. Gluten free and Kosher certified, Flor de Cana is a sustainably produced rum.  

A rum with a rich complexity of flavours and a smooth finish, derived from a secret family recipe, passed down through five generations. This family story began back in 1890 in Nicaragua. Today, Flor de Caña is the number one premium rum in the Americas.Winner of Gold Outstanding Medal at the International Wine Spirit Competition in London, this dark rum is set to impress any connoisseur. Best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a splash of premium sparkling water.


crepe pan

For the chef in your family, there is no better gift than MasterClass Induction Ready 24cm Crepe pan. Is there a better Saturday morning than one that starts with nice tasty crepes? and this is the best crepe pan on the marker.  
Prepare delicious crêpes, pancakes and omelettes on almost any stove top! The MasterClass Professional Carbon Steel Non-Stick Induction Crêpe Pan is exceptionally durable, and has a clever design that makes it safe to use with all hobs - including induction.

Heavy-Duty Construction – Built to Last You can reap the rewards of this pancake pan for years and years to come. It's manufactured from heavy-duty carbon steel with a tough ceramic inner coating.

This combination makes it more than up to daily cooking – whether you're making French crêpes in a busy restaurant kitchen or a cheese omelette at home. With its flat-base design, it distributes heat evenly through your pancake or crêpe batter.

This is designed to leave you with a result that looks and tastes delicious! Nano-Silica Non-Stick Technology Scraping burnt pancakes from a pan. We’ve all been there. It’s a chore. Suitbale for all cookers and dishwasher safe. 


shaving pan

Is it Christmas without the gift of a shaving set or two? For the treat option This  FFS - The ’Full Shebang’ Set - Fir is crammed packed with the full shaving system that any man will need. 
It contains a Luxury Chrome Handle with Black GripFree handle which can be engraving of up to 12 characters, 4 Super Sharp Blades, Pre-Shave Scrub (100ml), Shave Gel (100ml), Post-Shave Balm (100ml), Clamshell Protector, Travel Pouch and Shower Holder 
  • Buff away dead skin cells with our smoothing pre-shave scrub
  • Create a barrier between razor and skin for a comfortable, friction-free shave with our hydrating shave gel
  • Finish with our skin cooling, refreshing post-shave balm to leave skin silky smooth
  • Luxurious weighted chrome handle with silicone grip designed to fit the contours of your hand for a solid grasp, maximum comfort, and minimal effort.
  • Handle engraving is the perfect additional touch for a personalised gift.
  • Our SmoothGlide blades have 5 diamond coated titanium blades for a close smooth shave & built-in AccuBlade trimmer to remove hair in fewer strokes
  • Moisturising strip for added lubrication & comfort
  • Handy accessories to keep your razor safe and protected
  • UK’s first blade recycling scheme, do good, feel good


We all know Gillette? Don't we, But they have released a new very special razor the Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor Bundle with Magnetic Stand. I have used Gillette for years off and on so had my husband. I think everyone who shaves has used them. 
The Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar is the world’s first razor with exfoliating technology built into the cartridge. This means that it is designed for a quick and easy shave that is no longer a chore but something to be enjoyed. The exfoliation bar removes dirt and debris, such as dead skin cells, before the blades pass, thereby allowing for a close and accurate shave.

What's more, the 2D FlexDisc technology used will move according to the contours of your face to help ensure comfort and close contact is maintained with every stroke of your razor. Featuring Gillette's best razor blades, this bundle comes with a premium magnetic stand so you can store your razor and handle it conveniently after use.



I know every family has a jigsaw lover and I defo do. My father-in-law loves doing them and I like to find really good ones for him each year. This year I have found Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet – Rocket Fighter Terror. This looks like a really good challenge for him. 

Sweet treat 

chocolate tools

Your eyes are not deceiving you this is The chocolate Workshop Cycling Lovers Chocolate Gift Set. It is made out of chocolate. Isn't this the perfect gift for the cycling fan in your life? I love how unusual this is.
One of the most popular boxes, this selection is perfect for any biking fans. The set includes incredibly realistic hand-made chocolate bike chain, gear, seat, spanner, allen key and padlock

You’d be forgiven for wondering if our chocolate tastes nice. It looks weird, like tools and things. And you may never have thought of eating a horseshoe before. Could it be made of rubbish chocolate like that cheap, grainy ‘advent calendar’ stuff?

The short answer is we only use fine-grade, Venezuelan chocolate. But we know you’ll be wanting a little more detail, so….

Here’s a brief guide to the quality of the chocolate, the ingredients we use and why we use them… so you can tuck into that horseshoe knowing it’s not going to taste like one. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little gift guide and it has given you some amazing ideas for the man in your life. 

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