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unusual gifts to buy dog lovers.

So what do you buy the dog lover that has everything? They have every dog toy, and every dog bed, they have more dog items than they have stuff for themselves. It's time for a complete confession. Hello, my name is Laura and my dogs are my whole world. Along with my husband, I should probably add. 

You know that catchy Taylor swift song Hi, it's me I'm the problem. I am the problem! I buy so many items for my dog that it is not even funny. But to me, dogs will never be second-class members of the family.  My dogs are very important and I have the right to spoil them. Their lives are too short and in that time they fill your heart with love and joy,  They are loyal and dependable and they are just bloody cute. 

So I am the right person to ask when it comes to what to buy as gifts for dog lovers.  because well I am that dog lover that has everything my dogs could ever want and I do this for a job so let me help you. 

custom dog framed art

First up we have Mr&MrsPaw. I mean I am obsessed with them. They make custom art from photos of your dogs. They do everything from canvas, pillows, and mugs to phone cases. 

All you need to do is go on to their website and choose a theme. This is where it becomes so much fun. Mr&MrsPaws has so many themes from tv and films like that Titanic scene above to Renaissance, imagine the dog as a first-class admiral to sports and hobbies, ever wondered what a dog would look like playing baseball. Well, they have that covered. 

If you have multiple pets you can have up to four pets on one canvas. It is so simply pick your design, upload the photos of the pets and place your order boom one very unique gift that any dog lover would love. 

dog quote hoodie

I mean it is winter and we are all feeling the cold so what about a personalised Eat Sleep Walk Dog Hoodie. We are all living in Hoodies to keep warm this winter and there is no better way for a dog lover to stay snuggly in their hoodie than one with their dog's name on it. Plus this is a reminder of your daily routine. Eat, sleep, walk the dog. Such a cute gift. 

book for dog lover

I am a sucker for any kind of book about dogs. Well unless they die in the book then I am not reading it. Honestly, I just can't handle it. I am the type of person who won't watch the end of Marley and me. Yes it is inevitable we all die but I just can't take it. 

Choosing a book like The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read is always a great gift for a dog lover. This book is all about how your dog is communicating with you all the time and how to recognise their communication. This is perfect for someone who has just entered the world of dog ownership. 

self dog clip
Give the dog lover in your life the gift of photos of their dog. A Dog Treat Selfie Kit is a great gift. Being a dog owner is amazing until you try to get a cute selfie or just a plain old photo of your dog. Neither of my two will stay still for more than one second for a photo. 

What is it they say never work with dogs or children? Well after working with my two dogs on various campaigns I totally get this?  This super fun and cheap gift is just a fun way to try to trick your dog into behaving for a photo. 
harrods dog bag

I mean why not spend a little bit more than normal. It's the season. I can't see any dog lover not loving this HARRODS Large Westie Shopper Bag. You know if it's from Harrod it is luxury and a cute westie shopper bag is definitely in that range of things. This is a bit more than I would normally spend on a shopper but it is Harrods and it is a gift. So you know I had to add it and I can almost guarantee the dog lover you are buying for will not have this in their collection making it perfect. 
wine for dogs
This is Persie Dog Gins. Not only do these gins have super cute names like Labrador, Spaniel and Dachshund gins but by buying a bottle or two of these gins you will be giving money to a fantastic dog charity (PADS) Perthshire abandoned dogs society. That alone makes this one very special gift. 

I have to mention the Dog Days version as my lovely dog Millie is a Springador which is a lab cross spaniel and this one in my opinion should be called Springador 
we also created Dog Days – our cross-breed gin! It has the traditional piney notes of Labrador, the delicate spices of Spaniel, and the fresh and fruity notes of Dachshund! For our suggested serve, try a twist of orange with a cinnamon stick.

I really hope this has helped you to find a really good gift for the dog lover in your life. 

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