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How to Create a Home That Uplifts You

A home is a special place. It is the place you sleep, eat, enjoy time what the family, laugh, play games, and live. It is where you spend a large proportion of your life. No one should live in a place they are deeply unhappy with. The home itself, as well as the things in it, can have a huge impact on the way we feel. A home that reflects us makes us happy, and shows off our personalities can inspire us. Whereas a home that is neglected, seemingly unloved and tired looking will make us feel depressed.

If we want to have a home that we love coming home to, that inspires us and fills us with happiness, then, like most things worth having, we need to work at it. You cannot let things slide over and over. Soon you will be feeling stressed, anxious and depressed without even realising that it is the home causing all these negative emotions. If you want a home to uplift you, then you have to be proactive. So, let's discover a few easy you can do this:

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Minimalism is a mindset and a way of life that teaches us to live more in the present moment. By icing more in the here and now, we get rid of those powerful negative emotions that hold us back. So many people are living in anticipation of a potential future that may never come or in regret of a past, that is no longer here. A lot of people are completely missing the now.

This can be seen in the fact that everyone uses their smartphone to record a special moment for future prosperity rather than living the actual moment itself. Minimalism is about purging your life of all the things that no longer have any value in your life. It is about breaking away from those ties that bind you into place. What this means in terms of your home is decluttering.

Decluttering can be such a cathartic experience. Getting rid of all the junk that you have been accumulating for no apparent reason other than you can't let it go. If you can be strong and get rid of this stuff, you won't regret it. You are creating space that you can fill with new things. You are making your home cleaner and safer. You are also reducing the stress and anxiety in your life.

If your home is very cluttered, then you may even sleep better as a result, and this has a wide range of health benefits associated with it. The minimalist lifestyle is about being freer. And decluttering does not just stop in the home. If you are going to embrace this lifestyle, then declutter all the aspects of your life, like your friends, your habits, etc.

Create a Balance

The world beyond the confines of our homes can be extremely confusing. It throws images and messages to us all the time that overstimulate us. There is such a wide array of things that are created for a certain effect, generally to get us to part with our hard-earned cash, that we need a home that creates a balance.

If you have a home that is big enough, it will help if you have a room that is free of all the things that confuse and overwhelm us. That means no televisions, laptops, phones, tablets, or devices. A room that you ban these things from.

In here, you could have a chaise lounge with a bookshelf; perhaps it could be a meditation room or a place to do yoga, or all three. It does not matter. The point is that you want a free space that can relax you. Consider having some peaceful art up on the wall, too - or even a complete wall mural. Perhaps an image of a forest, or a lake, something else just as serene to relax you. If you don't have a spare room, then consider a quiet corner of another room. You could place an armchair or just have a yoga mat for meditation and yoga. Use a screen to section this area off from the rest of the room.  

Fix Things

A home feels best when everything works. You don't need to be bogged down every day with a dodgy drawer that never opens, or the handle falls off. Every day you will forget, and every day, you'll get that same disheartened feeling.

You will say to yourself, 'I have to fix that,' but will you? Every home generally has a few niggling issues that need repairing. But if you are in the habit of leaving them, then all that will happen is that your list of problems gets longer and longer. This is not good for your mental health. As the list grows, your happiness and contentment with your home will dwindle and wane. Fixing things is good for the soul. There are so many benefits to it.

First of all, it means that the house is working again. Say you have a dripping tap. Not only is that annoying, but it could be causing other damage, too, more structural damage like ruining the woodwork. So you should go out and buy some stainless steel valves to repair it. You can learn how to do any repair job in your home if you are motivated enough.

This can save you money, and it can fix up your home too. So, a huge benefit of fixing things is to prevent worse damage. Other benefits are to your mental well-being. There is no doubt that a home that is working is a home that feels good.

So, create a list of everything that needs fixing. Stick this list on the fridge or somewhere else where you will see it, and begin getting the things you need to repair it. When you can see ticks appearing next to items you've fixed, you will feel a lot better. The more you complete, the better you will feel.  


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