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The best photo blanket for under £50

The days and nights are getting colder. We have hit -4 here already this winter and it is only going to get colder. The festive season is almost upon us and I can't quite believe it's here already. I have to be super organised this year as we are heading to Devon for Christmas. 

I love buying gifts. I really love to put thought behind each and every item I buy. I like finding items people will love and cherish. I hate giving gifts with no thought or feeling behind them I just don't see the point. A gift should be something special or something the other person loves. 

Today I think I have hit the gift jackpot! I have found the perfect gift for 2022. I am certain anyone would love this item. A personalized photo blanket I mean why didn't I think of this sooner? 

stunning photo blanket with dogs

This stunning personalised blanket is from  I love photo blankets they are just so personal and are great gifts. But before I get into my review of the actual blanket let me explain how easy it is to order one. 

How to order your photo blanket has the whole process dialled in. It is so simple to do. Go on to their site and choose the item you want. They have everything from personalised photo jigsaws to photo books, canvas to door mats. I think it's the best selection I have seen of photo items, to be honest. 

Once you have chosen the item. Simply pick the photo you would like to have on the item. Tip make sure the photo is as good quality as possible. 

For the photo blanket, you then choose the size I have gone for 150cm x 100cm. You can choose to have the blanket in colour or black and white. I choose to have my photo in colour. There is also a clever zoom feature in case you want to crop the photo. You can also add some text to the photo blanket if you like too. Then just add to the cart and pay. Boom perfect gift is on its way to you. 

If you would like to order from I have an amazing discount. Just add MISS10 at the checkout and it will give you 10% off all products from code is valid until 31st May 2023 and can be used multiple times. 

dog fluffy blanketthink blanket

The blanket 

I was expecting this to be nice as the description is wonderful. 

Our Photo Blanket is a luxuriously downy and super-soft blanket with your photo, made from polar fleece with an extra layer of premium plush. 
  • Premium materials and printing
  • True-to-life photo reproduction
  • Machine-washable at 30°C
  • Made to strict eco-friendly standards
  • Available in three different sizes

 But I was not expecting it to be this beautiful. It is so heavy and warm. The material is stunning. Looks at the sheen from the fabric in the light. It looks so luxurious. The photo quality is really great. I honestly don't know how you print that nicely on a blanket. 

It is also very large. I wasn't quite prepared for how big it is. Yes, I know I choose the size. But You never really think about the sizing right. It is perfect for wrapping up warm this winter. Or you could use it on your sofa or bed. It would look lovely on your bed and would add extra warmth too. I love this size I am so glad I went for this size. 

personalised blanketcustom throwcute stitching

The finish of this photo blanket is really cool. I love the stitching on the sides of the blanket it gives it a really nice old-school look. This blanket is under £50! how on earth do we get this quality for under £50. It is currently on sale so grab one quick. 

I love that it is double lined meaning you don't have to have the photo side on show all the time, you can have the lovely dark colour side if you like. It's a dark grey-black colour in real life. The camera can't pick up just how nice it is. 

The reasons to choose for your photo blankets. 
  • They use Premium Materials, Eco-Friendly Printing This is really important. They really care about using safe and environmental processes to print all their items. 
  • They use material and printing processes that are colourfast and odourless. This means they are safe for everyone from children to allergy sufferers.  
  • Machine washable. You would not believe how many photo blankets are not machine washable. You can pop this blanket in the wash at 30C. 
  • The quality can not be beaten for the low cost 
  • Free delivery over £49
  • Massive sale on all items. 

I am over the moon with my gorgeous photo blanket from I am blown away by the quality of this blanket for the price. I think this can not be beaten. I am definitely going to order more products from them. I will be ordering more personalised photo blankets as gifts. 

The sale which is on right now is incredible and you need to check it out for up to 80% off. Go grab a bargain and a perfect gift for your loved one. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review. 

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