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A long weekend in Hamburg day 1

Hi everyone.

How are you all?

As a blogger, I get offered lots of amazing things I don't feel worthy of and this is one of them. I was invited to go to Hamburg with the amazing cometohamburg.com.

Let me tell you all about my amazing trip.

first things first we had to get to Hamburg. In winter from Scotland, that means a flight from Edinburgh to Hamburg international this goes out on a Friday at 7am and returns Sunday at 435pm.

So we have a long weekend in Hamburg.

We arrived on time at 930am. Time to jump on the train using the hamburg-card. This gives you unlimited access to all trains buses and ferries. This covered me and my hubby for our entire trip and it was a lifesaver and super easy to use. You just print out your voucher and show it when asked.

We had the group ticket valid for 5 people of any age. Under 6 years is free. Three days is 44.90 euros

Here is where we made a mistake. We should have taken the bus straight to our hotel but we got a bit confused with googles symbol for bus and train. They look the same.  We took the train to the nearest station then a 10-minute walk to the hotel. It was a gorgeous walk through some huge Germany houses and over rivers and bridges. So I didn't mind our little error. I think sometimes when you make mistake it leads you to some amazing thing you would never have seen and this was the case with this one.

Next our hotel Appartello 

It is simply gorgeous and I have to say I have never stayed in such a clean hotel in my life.
We were welcomed by the lovely receptionist who explained our room wasn't ready yet is was 1030am but one super quick phone call and she was giving us keys to our suite for the weekend. She was super helpful and polite. always willing to give info or just a smile.

This apartment is divine. There are no other words for it Check out this little vid of it.

The apartment has everything you could ever want, a full kitchen with microwave cooker fridge,
coffee maker and fully equipped with all cooking utensils. I love having access to a big fridge. 
this would be perfect if you like to cook your own food. If you walk out the front of the hotel
there is a Lidl to get all your supplies from. 

How awesome is this sitting area? A huge tv. stylish couches and chair and a great lamp to read under. I have to mention there are only English news channels. I know but I thought I would mention it. Not a problem for us but I know some people like to have at least one. 

The bathroom is heaven. Gorgeous and sparkling clean and modern. 
I love it. heated towel rail and a huge sink. Towels and face cloths are provided. 
Along with hand wash by the sink and face, hair and body were in the shower. 
I love a good strong shower and this did not disappoint. Lots of shelf space for your toiletries and makeup and a super helpful vanity mirror which could be moved. 

The bedroom is lush with a huge Tv. The bed was firm. 
the carpet was super fluffy. Not something I normally notice but I remember saying that to my hubby. 

I love that the window ran the whole length of the apartment. It let loads of light in. 
If like me you suffer when the curtains let light in I can confirm there was no light getting thought these must be blackout curtains

One of my favourite things about this apartment is all the little touches which are everywhere from books on the shelf to the little mascot who hops up in different places.  Appartello Facebook add them for special offers and to find out more about this amazing hotel. 
I will talk about the rest of the hotel when we get there. 

Right its time to drop off the cases and head to meet Tatjana, from Come to hamburg to
collect our welcome pack. Quick hello and it's off to the first and my favourite tour of the weekend. 

Click the link here for the full blog review of this. 

Next up the  Miniatur Wunderland Adult ticket 15 euros
This was a little walk from the maritime museum. We were lucky to have our tickets 
We arrived at about 4.30pm on a Thursday in January and it was busy
as we had our tickets we skipped the waiting queue and went straight in. This place is something else. 

I have never seen anything like this. My Father in law Has miniature train set and I thought it was cool but this is next level. 

This is the largest miniature train set in the world. I need to take my father in law here. 
The detail is incredible and you could spend a week and still find new things you haven't seen. The Theme is technology. I honestly can't think of anything I didn't see in miniature the 
mountains were my favourite and I love how much thought was put into all the designs
everything flows so well and each land is connected by the travel network, 
My husband loved the airport and the bus next work. 

This was my favourite thing in the museum If you have seen The never-ending story films, you might recognise this little guy. We, of course, had to buy my father in law a bit for his train set and I really like the shop it had lots of fun souvenirs and even there own monology, 

By the time we got out it as late and I was starving. I have travelling in Germany before and there is one place that sticks in my mind for food Vapiano. I love the design of this Italian and the simplicity. The food all made fresh. When you enter you are each given a card and an English menu. You can use to get your food and you hand it over to pay your bill at the end. There are different stations to collect the food you want. It's all cooked in front of you and you can customise it. 

The food is to die for fresh. We share a bruschetta and I have the most gorgeous pesto pasta and of course a German beer. Germany does the best beer. I dare you to challenge me and I will prove you wrong. I love it. 

We have been awake for a long time now and it is time to get back to our home for the weekend. This is a simple train ride then on to a bus and we are back to the Appartello. 

I have at this point to mention something you will all know about Germany but The transport system is a thing of dreams. Trains underground buses all arrive on time and they are well signposted. no matter if its a bus or train the station or stop will have a sign telling you when the next bus is and how long away it is. Unlike the UK, they always turn up on time. A should also mention how did we get around before Google. We used it all the time on this trip. 

We quickly went to the Lidl to collect some drinks and snacks and it was off to bed for us.