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why I want to learn Freediving

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

Well, we blinked and missed January, didn't we?

The new year, new me craze is drying up. As quick as dry January did.  It's time to focus on the year ahead and make a solid plan. There is a few thing I want to do this year that stand out to me. Today we are talking Freediving. First thing first I need to buy a kit, Yes it's not cheap but I know where to shop simplyscuba.com. You can always rent kit but I want to purchase my own so it will fit me properly and I feel confident in it.

What is freediving?

This is a form of diving using your own breath to submerge yourself in the water. Basically scuba diving without the breathing equipment.

 Why Freediving,

  1. I am scared of deep water, Yip I am and sharks. I want to cure this. My dad is a deep sea fisherman and I have been around the sea all my life and I feel now is the time to kick this fear in the ass. 
  2. Fitness you know I am always trying out the newest fitness craze you I can report back to you. Freediving is physically demanding and a fun way to burn some calories. 
  3. Breathing. I have asthma and anything which helps you regulate your breathing is awesome for me.  My asthma is allergy affected so free diving and scuba diving are perfect for me. Yes, I checked with my doctor. 
  4. Muscle flexibility it has been proven that Freediving will help you increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Your body works hards against the water pressure meaning you're getting a great workout.  
  5. Vitamin D, Little know fact I am vitamin D deficient, with the sun rays coming through the water this will help me get natural vitamin D.  
  6. Stress relief. I have always found being in the water a really freeing and natural stress reliever for me. I dont have to be in the water to feel this, I can be sitting watching the sea or ocean it is mesmerising. 
  7. I have always been obsessed with snorkelling. From as young as I can remember. whenever we went to Europe, I was always in the water finding as many new fish as I could. I love the colours and the movement of the water. Seeing these creatures in their own environment is so special. 
  8. Skin, Whenever I have been in the sea or ocean, my skin is always clearer and any cuts I have  heal so much faster. This is a extra benefit for me as a mountain biker I am always covered in cuts. 
  9. Shipwreck. I have always wanted to see an underwater shipwreck. I love watching shipwreck programs on the discovery channel and I would love to see one being able to go down in my own breath. I have always been the person who tries to swim underwater as long as possible and push my limits and this is the perfect way for me to do this. 
  10. Bonding, My husband has always been into more extreme sports and he would love to learn this with me. He was a sponsored whitewater kayaker and has kayaked river in Norway that are unbelievable. This would be another fun activity for us to learn together. 
Have you ever tried freediving? 

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