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Veganuary at stoke place

Today we are talking Veganuary. This year this has really taken off. if you are wondering what it is Well its where you go vegan for January. It’s as simple as that. 
My soon to be sister in law is a vegan and I can see how it can be challenging for her. To hear that Stoke place one of the most prestige hotels around is having a full vegan menu I had to check it out. 

The hotel is to die for so decedent. it's such a magical place.  One more thing the restaurant is called The King and lamb on Open table if you are looking to book it. 

 Our waiter was Ozzi a super nice and friendly and polite man. He informed us this menu is just for veganuary but hope to keep it on longer if possible but they do offer a good selection of vegan items on the menu. Stoke place should be really proud of there staff all that we dealt with were super professional and nice.

Three courses with vegan wine it is Please, It is only since my sister in law has gone vegan, that I now understand that all wine is not vegan. But Stoke Place has a nice selection of red and white vegan wine. 

What we ordered full name in the above menu, We both had different items. 
So we could taste each other.

The carrot soup- This was super creamy and sweet with a spicy edge delish. I really liked the coconut edges of this dish. 

The presentation of all the dishes is amazing. The chefs here are very talented. the mix of all the flavours compliments each other it's more like food art than food.  

The cabbage - it looked small but that was deceptive. it was fresh and crunchy. A really nice fresh starter. This one was a really interesting combo for me and I would never ever thought of doing this with cabbage. The lemon hit gave it a good zing. 

Next up the main after the starter, we are pretty excited to move on.

Butternut squash-  Oh my goodness, this was divine. the chestnut and sage could be tasted throughout the dish. Adding the oyster mushroom and pine kernels really made the flavours dance together.  This was really creamy full of flavour and super filling.

The gnocchi- This was out of this world delicious and super rich. It had the right balance of flavours.I love parsnips and the added truffles just made this heaven for the mouth. I also really like the parsnip crisps. 

The sorbet - This was fresh zingy and the flavours mixed really well together with a really great way to finish a meal. I love sorbet and this is one of the best I have had. Each had a good punch of flavour. 

The chocolate brownie- I wasn’t that keen on this one it was a bit dry but my partner liked it so that what mattered. I thought it was more like a cake But I am not a huge chocolate dessert fan. The raspberry sorbet was so zingy and super refreshing. 

We both left feeling fit to burst. I would recommend getting over to stoke place asap before this menu finishes it was just so deliciously fresh and a steal at the price. 

The king and lamb

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