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Unusual hilarious valentines card anyone?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

It's nearly valentines day or for me, its nearly time to order present and cards for Valentine, 
my husband and I always try to outdo each other which who can get the funniest card. This year I know I have won already!

Let me introduce you to Love Layla designs.co.uk. If like me you love nothing more than a funny valentines card you will love this site. 

First things first I love the classic envelope with the added monogramming. 
cute and understated now time for the surprise within. 
No, your eyes do not deceive you. all £3.75
first one really does say

I love you & your dick 

and next up is 

You make me wetter than a mermaids minge. 

These are hilarious. 

This one is just to funny. I want to send them all to my hubby. Lovelayla really does come up with
the best cards for every occasion. Yo need to go check them out. 

All cards have this super cute little card inside. 

OH, MY WORD I almost peed when I saw this. This is to add to his favourite bottle
of wine. Nothing says funny than bum jokes right? 
Well peel this bad boy off and stick it on his wine and pop in the fridge and see how long it will take him to notice it. at only £2.50 this is a steal. 

This is warping paper £4.25 Yes just Yes this is amazing. I feel like this company just getting my group of friends humour. 

If you are looking for funny cards, balloons, wine labels, wrapping paper or badges. Get your butt over there and order the best stuff ever. P.s go check out glitter shitter card yes just yes.