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Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Hi everyone, 

As you know This is part of my travels to Hamburg with Come to Hamburg

I knew when I entered this Museum this was the one I would remember most from my trip. 

A little about us you might not know. I am the daughter of a deep sea trailer man. Yes, not many left in the industry. You could say the sea is in our family as most of my dad's side is or has worked in the sea. My husband is a volunteer Lifeboatman and is borderline obsessed with this. We live in a small highland village where everyone is either employed by Maritimes professions or has family in them, From the ferry port to the fisherman, Everyone is connected by the sea. I am also a huge history lover or as I am told annoying to travel with as I read everything. 

We arrived early and had lunch in the restaurant. They were super helpful and translated the menu for us. We had out lovely food and coffee. This is where I had a bit of a disaster, Apparently, I am allergic to my new mascara. After trying to remove it in the bathroom I looked awful but at least the pain stopped. Full post on that later. 

I was nervous as I have never had a private tour of a museum. I thought this is for the rich and famous and well I am just me. I went to the desk and was introduced to Dami├ín Moran. We were early and what we as Brits are known to be. I always forget that this is not the norm anywhere else. 
the famous Damian man made ship
This man made the museum for us. He is super friendly and his knowledge astounding. If you have the chance to meet this man or like us get the chance to do a tour with him. You have to do it. He has a passion for the museum that is contagious and exciting. It is hard to not get wrapped up in this amazing place. 

We had another appointment really close to this one, so we didn't get the full tour and I am gutted as I loved the tour so much. I think I will convince my in-laws we should take another trip over this year. I really need to see the rest of the museum. That really is how good it is. I am planning another trip just to go back here. 

Anyways let's talk about the museum.

It was founded by one man's passion for miniature ships.
rows of model in the hamburg maritime

Peter Tamm 
The story goes that Peter Tamm was ill in bed with flu aged 6 and to cheer him up his mother bought him a miniature ship a Coaster. Which is to this day in the museum. Tamm had always been interested in ships having accompanied his father to the docks on many occasions. He even witnesses the launch of the Gorch Fock in 1933 aged just 5. growing up in Hamburg it would be hard to not be interested in ships. 

Tamm later in life lived through the war and having spent terrifying hours in air raid shelters. A lot of Hamburg was destroyed during the war. Tamm went on to study and become Editor of the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper. Here he had another outlet for his passion he wrote about where famous old Hamburg ships were now. These series last a year and People actually cut out the articles and kept them. Tamm when on to manage the publishing house. All during these time adding to his ever amassing collection of maritime artefacts. 

In 1988 in his 60s he managed to acquire the run down Park hotel and this gave him the opportunity display his collection. It wasn't until is 80's that he finally put his huge collection into a foundation. This is what enabled the museum to be created. This man was not only a collection of maritime items but he also had a family and was heavily involved in charity work. He had an office in the museum. 
Damian told me he was in that office right up until he died two years ago. he really was passionate up until the very end and don't think he ever stopped collecting. 

There are 10 decks to the museum 9 of which houses Tamm's collection. This is the biggest maritime
artefact collection in the world. It has everything from every continent from miniature ship to paintings. The miniatures were so interesting there is so much detail put into each one. Being handmade by skilled artist, these are something to be seen. Above is an exhibition on the process of creating one of these amazing masterpieces.  There is every Navy ship, every container ship, every warship every type of ship I can think of and more. honestly, anything you can imagine that has set sail is in this museum. 

solid gold santa maria ship
 There are also some incredibly expensive artefacts including this pure gold Santa Maria. Which has never been valued and it is truly priceless. This is the only model ship in the world made out of gold and built in an authentic way. To be honest It is hard to show what it actually looks like. The photo does not do it justice. The detail is just so interesting and accurate. 

santa maria solid gold model ship
Bone ships. 
Have you ever heard of these? No me either. These are extremely rare and their heritage so interesting. The museum has the world largest collection of these and I have to say I was amazed by these. During the coalition and Napoleonic wars (1792-1807, 1808-1812)
Made in England by French prisoners of war. These were made out of the bones left over from there food rations. These were made out of bleached beef and mutton bones. These were later used as bargaining chips. I can not get my head around the skill this must have taken. even using their own hair as mast lines. They were allowed to take the ships to markets held in the prison camp and keep any money made by these sales. It's thought many men worked together to create these. When finally released it is believed the money they made helped them by land when they returned home. 

A steamer 

 There are of course many famous ships in their collection. I liked the story that the Titanic was a fairly new purchase as Tamm felt it was to mainstream. There is so much more I could talk about but I have just realised this is a very long post. As you can tell when I am passionate about something I can type a lot. 

The other interesting thing that I have never seen before in any museum. There are restoration sections where you can see artist restoring the old works of art or ships. This is amazing and I could spend a long time just watching these talented people work. These are dotted about the museum. 

A huge lego Ship, This needs to be seen to be believed. 

I want to thanks Damian for the most wonderful tour and I can not wait to go again. 
I could have spent the whole day in there wandering about. If you are planning a visit and are like us English speaker and don't have the wonderful Damian then grab a guidebook as this has all the information you will need and more in it. I am sitting reading this just now. If you are in Hamburg and you can only do one museum this is my first choice every time. 

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