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my five top tips to get into shape easily.

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

If you seen yesterdays post you will know I have just climbed Ben Nevis. My legs are a bit on the aching side. I need a week of low-intensity activities and I thought this would be a great way to help any of you thinking about getting into fitness to see what I am up to.
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I want to share with you my top tip to getting in to shape easily without extreme measures.

  1. This is a huge one for me this year I will learn to swim. I need to buy swimsuits asap to help me with this goal. Swimming is number one for great fitness and low body impact. It is perfect if you want a gentle start into the great wide world of working out without feeling like you might die. There is lots to try not just basic swimming what about water aerobics.
  2. Yoga, some people love it some people hate it but as you know I am a qualified sports massage therapist and I recommend everyone from young to old tried a bit of yoga. I help to strengthen your muscles making them elongate and more flexible. I find yoga calms my mind I am an over thinker and this is the quiet time I need. You can do 30 minutes and it will burn hundreds of calories without working up a sweat. 
  3. Walking, I know what you are thinking but I walk already. Really do you? Do you nip in the car to go to the local shop? Why not instead of having an hour lunch break have 30 minutes and venture outside. this is low impact and will also help to stimulate your brain and help it to recharge. It is amazing how a 20-30 minute walk can change your mood and help you achieve things you thought you couldn't. 
  4. Drink water, If you are dehydrated your body will hold on to water weight and you are automatically heavier. I know a lot of people who live in this constant state of dehydration. your body is made and functions on water. Imagine what you could do without that afternoon headache. Did you know when you think you are hungry it is more likely you are thirsty?
  5.  Biking. Yes you knew this was coming as I am a mountain biker but I don't mean find a hill and throw your self down it. Why not try a gentle flat road ride. Did you know biking and swimming are the only two-sport which has lower impact on your joints? It's proven. Plus think about your body position on a bike? No pressure points are in use, are they? 
From young to old everyone would benefit from trying these out. We get one body in this life and we should treat it as good as we can. Imagine a machine. If we leave our body to rush it will take a lot more maintenance than if we keep her in tip-top condition 


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