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secure airport parking in Edinburgh

Hi everyone. 
airport parking at night

As you may have guessed from my social media we were in Hamburg at the weekend. The trip went well and there will be lots of posts over the next few weeks but I wanted to share a quick post about our airport parking experience. 

We choose to use We have used them before years ago. booking online was super easy and the best bit really affordable. You just enter your details and car reg and pay of course and you are all set. 

Our flight was super early at 7am. So it was up and out the hotel for 530am and off to find the parking. We programmed the satnav to 

Secure Airparks
100 Ingliston Road
EH28 8AU

and this guided us straight to the car park. Here is where the magic happened. We drove up to the barrier and it let us in via AMPR. What is this voodoo? You know you are getting old when this really does amaze you. Next, we picked a parking space. parked up and locked our car. 
You take your keys with you which I think just adds to the security. My husband loved this as he has heard horror stories of cars being driven hundreds of mile from car parks.  Just adding not with secure airparks I must add and not from Edinburgh.

We were lucky we got a space next to the first and last bus stop. We waited for about 5 minutes and then hopped on the shuttle.  This only took a few minutes to get to the terminal. Yes, I said terminal this the only airport parking in Edinburgh with a bus stance at the terminal.

Our return was equally painless. 
We got off our flight headed straight to the stance H to be collected and the bus was waiting there already. The bus is super clean and lots of room for bags and cases and people. The bus dropped off at a hotel first and then it was our turn. 

It was all very smooth. We jumped in our car and drove to the magic barrier that let us out. We did see staff members in the car park in case you are thinking no one is about there is. 

So we are planning our next adventure to Crete. I want to recommend a fantastic rental car company we are using.  Rental Center Crete The customer service has been fantastic and are super affordable too. What more can you want, So go and check them out? For your next trip to Crete and discover more of the island. 

The lovely people at secure airparks have given me a 10% discount code for you all to use and see the magic for your self. Simply add MSLJB at the checkout.