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New palm reading app review

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 


I don't know if you know this about me but I am really interested in spirituality. When I go to visit my mother in law, We attended the spiritualist church and I have had a few tarot reading in my life. 

I was once told as a child I had a gift and if I ever wanted to tap into it to contact them and they would help me. I don't talk about it but I have seen things I can't explain. I believe my old dog is still with me in times I need him. If I am sleepy and my hand is out my bed I can feel him rubbing up against me as if to say its ok I am here. No, it is not my current dogs I know him and I can smell him. ( I have an incredible sense of smell which I thought everyone had)  I love astrology and can get lost reading my horoscopes. 

So when I was approached to check out a palm reading app by I jumped at the chance. 
First things first let's download the app. I'm a Iphone girl. 

palm reading, please. 

Whats my name. 

I choose the free option. This will give me information about my lifeline and my headline. 

You have the option to upgrade to a couple more comprehensive readings. I'm very tempted with the full £11.99 option but hold my self back. As its a bit expensive but I might treat myself another month. Everyones poor in January right? 

at this stage, it uses the front-facing camera to take a picture of your palm. 
It has a very handy guide on the screen. I would recommend doing this with your phone. I used my Ipad and it was quite hards to do, with little hands. This is quick and easy and detects your palm. 
then it generates your report. 

My reading 

Thinking for myself. 
It says I form my own opinion of people and this is very true. I like to make my
own judgement of people. 

Next Health and fitness. 

this hits the nail on the head 
It tells me I am no slob and do look after my self but could improve To boost my health energy and general well being. It says I struggle to find motivation sometimes and this is true with my depression and anxiety. 
I need to push myself hard to get greater results. true. 

It suggests I will have a long life and recommend I upgrade for further details 

Next up money and career

it says I am no stranger to financial strain. very true thought out childhood and in my early 20s 
I have been struggling to completely commit to going self-employed and this is spot on. 

I am destined to not work a 9-5 job. Yes, this is true of most of the jobs I have done. 

financial opportunity will come my way in abundance. I will wait and see on that one. 


You have the option to read yesterdays today and tomorrow. 
today is going to be a tough day for me as I will have self-doubt. nothing unusual there then. 
it tells me to try and get a grip on my feeling and I know this can be very true. 

At first, I was very sceptical of this app. How can an app really be able to do this? but I have been pleasantly surprised. I really like the format of the app, it's super easy to use and pretty accurate. I will definitely have a full reading soon. I recommend you all go and try it out. 
Even if you are a sceptic go have a shot and let me know how you get on Its free so nothing lost is nothing gained right?   

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