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A long weekend in hamburg day 2

Hi everyone. 

How are you all? 
Its day s 2 and 3 of my trip to Hamburg with Cometohamburg.com
So we wake up after a great night sleep in the apartello. Now it’s time for breakfast. We head down to the living room area where breakfast is served.  

This is amazing system where you either by unlimited or pay for what you eat. On every table there is a note pad with English on one side and German on the other if you are not all inclusive you just tick what you have eaten or drank and pay for that. 

The choice is amazing. 
Rows of different juices, pastries, cereals, yogurts, overnight oats.  

Muffins and lots of spreads.  There was so many granola. 
There is free coffee and tea, if you wanted a fancy coffee you had to pay with 

fresh fruit

I started the morning with a coffee and a smoothie which were delicious. this really was the prefect start to the day. 

Next up its off in to Hamburg we got a bus and then changed to the train. The Hamburg card again coming in very handy. it’s off to the chocoversum

We arrive early so have a wander about the area Here is some of the gorgeous river we walked down. 
Hamburg is so pretty. I was a very overcast day but even still it looks so pretty. 

chocoversum 12 Euros per adult for 90-minute tour and lots chocolate samples
Our tour was 1230pm. This was the English tour and it was very busy. We had a lovely lady guide and she was so informative and creative. 

First things first you are given a wafer to help yourself to the amazing chocolate fountain. The chocolate is milk chocolate and delicious.  Here we learn a bit more about what will happen on the tour. We get thought where the chocolate comes from about the trees and plantations. This is something you just don't think about when you eat chocolate. 
We get to make our own chocolate bar. You can choose dark or milk chocolate. I choose milk and you collect three toppings to add to your chocolate bar. I choose smarties which crunch and white chocolate.
Your chocolate goes in the fridge to set. whilst you take the rest of the tour. 

 I found out about the cocoa beans. How to tell a good bean to a bad one and the roasting process. 
we get to taste theses. They are awful a mix of burnt nut and ground. YUK 

This shocked me to my core. I know chocolate is high in sugar but 
white chocolate is full of sugar. Above is what is in each. 

White chocolate is 48% sugar. 

The mixing processs is next up and we are explained the machine and what they do.

 We watch the packaging machine pack a chocolate for us to keep. thought out this tour I have sampled more chocolate than I ever have. 
We get to package up our chocolates 
My bar

Yum My hubby’s next to mine. 
We leave well informed and on a sugar high. I would highly recommend doing this if you are ever in Hamburg. Chocoversum facebook

 Its afternoon now and All I can think of is a currywuirst. My favourite thing to eat in Germany.
German sausage with a kind of barbeque Sause with curry powder my heaven. 
We spend the afternoon wandering round the shop and looking at the numerus churches until our feet begin to ache and it’s time to find a pub. 

This is a chain I believe called HB Hofbraeuhaus This is where i find out you can get litre 
glasses of beer this is bigger than my head. Never let your husband order your beer. 
We have dinner here as I really wanted German food and my husband love it too. 

The photos does not do this justice as It was huge in real life. 

Apple strudel this was amazing I would go back just to eat this. This was a big dessert as we could both share it with out my husband complaining.
After this it was back to the hotel to bed.