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How to Survive Hot Desking

I know a lot of us have an office job and I wanted to talk today about Hot desking and how I survived years of this. 

First of all, do you know what hot desking is? Basically, it's sharing a desk. I worked shift and five of us shared the same desk. Ie the Hot desk. There is also places set up as hot desking locations like hot desking liverpool. These are places you can buy a membership perfect if like me you would like an office environment to do your work and your work from home or you travel a lot and want to get work done. They have everything from meeting rooms to state of the art gyms. 

  1. Get to know the people you are sharing with. Even if this seems impossible as you work completely opposite shifts. An email here, a cookie there goes along way. 
  2. Everyone is different and when you hotdesk people will drive you nuts. There will always be a super messy person and a super tidy person. If you can establish some ground rules this always helps. 
  3. Antibacterial wipes are your friend, especially in cold and flu season. Treat yourself to a nice hand sanitiser there is nothing worse than coming on to a desk that someone has coughed and spluttered on. 
  4. Be friendly and polite but have respect, if you are in a big office maybe chatty Cathy has loads to tell you but Jim might be trying to do his account and needs to concentrate. 
  5. Speak up if you have a good idea, I remember going into my work and there filing was something that resembled the stone age. I redesigned it so it was easier and more accessible. 
  6. take water or a water bottle to fill up. Staying hydrated in an office is always hard and sometimes you will be so stuck in your work you realise you haven't been off your computer in hours this gives you an excuse to get up and stretch your legs
  7. Never ever leave smelly leftover food in the bin at your desk. You will instantly become very unpopular with your colleagues and everyone in the office. 
  8. On this note, Don't be the office pen thief, I know who you are Sandra and I am coming for you. joking. but it is a pet hate of mine.  stationary can cause a lot of office drama from pen stealers to dave who always uses the last of the paper in the printer. 
  9. Time management is important. Your shift finished 10 minutes ago and mine has started I have lots to do. Please let me on the desk or I am going to be playing catch up all day.
  10.  Bad day happens to us all. Try not to take it personly if someone is being off with you. you don't really know what is happening in there life just like they don't know yours. If it is you being the moody person. apologies move on.  

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