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5 simple furniture hacks for your home décor

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Our furniture is more than a place to sit, eat or store things, it is also a big part of our home décor and design too. This means that from time to time, you may find that the furniture you have in your home needs a bit of help in fitting in with the new space. But how can you do this?
To help you along the way, we have put together 5 simple furniture hacks that are not only easy to do, but also will give your home décor an instant life too.
Jazz up your chairs with some new cushions or a throw
We all have pieces of furniture that we absolutely love and would never dream of getting rid of them. However, perhaps we have reinvented our home and want to make sure that these pieces are going to fit in? Or maybe the item itself is looking a little tired? If you have something such as bucket chairs, a great way to jazz them up is to add in a few new cushions or perhaps a new throw.
Whilst this doesn’t take away from the beauty of the chair, it does make sure that it looks fresh and new. Which is great if you are trying to redesign and reinvent your home.
Give neutral furniture a metallic upgrade
The colour rose gold seems to be everywhere at the moment, and for good reason. It is not only pretty and somewhat neutral, but it is also elegant and luxurious too. Which is perhaps why we see it so much in fashion. What you may not realise is that rose gold will also work brilliantly in your home too. Especially if you are looking to give your furniture a bit of a style overhaul.
Take a plain old white chest of drawers for example, why not find yourself some rose gold spray on metallic paint and give the drawer fronts a new lease of life? Not only is this relatively cost-effective to do, but it also gives an amazing end result too!
Think about inventive storage
Storage is one of the most important parts of any home, the last thing that you will want is to spend all that time thinking about your home décor, just for it to look cluttered and messy. This means that you need to not only think about storage, but perhaps get inventive with it too. There are so many great storage hacks and ideas out there that you can try out for yourself, in the most part you simply need to think outside the box, look at the furniture that you already have and work out ways that you can make it work better for you.
Upgrade your handles
Now, we are about to let you into somewhat of a secret. Sometimes, the best way to update furniture is the smallest way. Over time, handles on the chest of drawers, cabinets and wardrobes etc can start to look tired. Which in turn can make the entire piece look old and worn. All you need to do with this is to simply unscrew and replace the handles. Not only will this make sure that your furniture looks great, but it also means that you can pick a handle that will bring a touch of colour to space too.
Repurpose your old pieces of furniture
One of the simplest ways to use furniture to redesign your home is to take a look at the pieces that you have and whether or not you can redesign them or repurpose them. Chances are, that you can. This could simply be a new lick of paint, sanding it down, or perhaps thinking about a way that you can use an old piece of furniture and turn it into something new that you can use elsewhere in the house.
Repurposing furniture not only will make your home look better, but it is also cost effective too, which is great if you are concerned on how much you have to spend.
As you can see, there are so many ways that you can use furniture to transform your home. Why not give these a try and see what you can achieve? After all, we all want to have a home that we not only want to live in, but that is a place that we can be proud of too!

These are just some of the ways that you can make sure that your home looks beautiful!  
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