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How my dog escaped

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

I am sat here watching my dogs play fight. They make me laugh a lot.  I work from home and they are with me all the time. I have a very strong bond with my dogs. Some people will probably with its too much. But I have to say without Millie I would not be here today. My husband got me, Millie when I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I couldn't leave the house. I didn't eat or drink I just panicked.  Then Millie came into my life and I had to look after her. I had to leave the house we lived in a flat and Millie had to go out. Slowly My life began to rebuild.

Millie is a Springador, She is now 6 years old. We found out not long after we got Millie she has mild hip displasia. we have to monitor her exercise and diet. After I married my wonderful husband. I badgered my husband for a dog that we could take mountain biking. My grandfather breed Pointers and I loved his one called Nipper. Since then I have always wanted this type of dog. We couldn't find a pointer but we found something more wonderful a Dalmatian. Mylo is now 3 years old. 

I want to tell you a funny story about these two siblings. Millie is the brain of the operation. Mylo is the strength. 

One day I had a client, I do mobile beauty and massage treatments. My client lived a couple streets away it was a lovely summers day. So I decided to walk down to her with my bed. I shut the gate and off I went. Dogs in the house with my husband. Mylo can open the front door. He is a big boy. 

Next thing I know a neighbour messages my client and tells her to look out her door. Sat on her doorstep was my two dogs. Sat waiting for me. 

The neighbour said she watched Mylo open the gate for his sister then she nudged it open for him. (it's on a bungee cord) She called to them but the ignored her. Then they walked side by side on the path down to where you cross the road stopped looked and then crossed. The neighbour said she was laughing so hard she could hardly shout their names. They again continued on there little journey and stopped at my client house and just sat at the door. This is when she messaged my client. She said it was like watching two children walking to school they walked beside by side and had a purpose. Even stopping to look down the road. This let me to consider a GPS collar

The neighbour still tells everyone the story of the very polite escapees from our house. This gave me a bit of a fright. I have to say it was very funny but also they could have been hit by a car or anything. I had been on it, my husband that we need a tracker before but this sealed the deal. 

Mylo is a fantastic trail dog and I trust him but he can get a smell and off he goes and I worry he will get injured and not come back. The tracker lets us find him no matter how far he runs. I love this security. I honestly don't think I would cope without knowing where they are. These two dogs and my husband are my families and to lose one of them would break my heart. I have all the pet insurance you can have for both of them so why not pop a little tracker on just to give me that extra safeguard. 

We Live in the highland of Scotland and travel south a lot as my husbands family are all down there. I always worried about them when we stop at service stations as you always see posters of stolen dogs form them. I want to know if anyone took my pups I would be able to get them back asap. Again another reason I have a tracker.