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Van conversion- attaching floor and seating bench

As you read on the last post the insulation is in and now we just placed the old plywood. which came with the backdown and screwed it in place. 
van conversion floor with heating unit being fixed
At this stage, we had already gone through the pros and cons of different heaters and selected this propex HS2000. If you want a pro and cons post let me know. 
With this, we knew we need a chest in the van for storage of the heater, battery and gas bottle. The height of the bench was determined by the size of the gas bottle we wanted to store. 

van conversion flooring with battery

electric wiring in van
 Before my husband put the plywood back on he installed the electrics. I am not going to pretend I know how he did this all I know is this took a lot of fiddling with wires and feeding cables through a hosepipe. Again if you would like a post on how he did this I can do one for you all? Just let me know in the comments. 

panaling on van conversion

battery hook up in van conversion
 You might notice we carpeted behind the chest. There will be a full post on how we did the carpeting but I just wanted to point this out.
switch unit on van conversion wall
 The propex HS200 comes with a really straightforward dial for heating the van. I really like that you can also blow cold air into the van in the summer. Will be great for keeping our dogs cool on hot days. 
cabling in back of van

fuse unit in van conversion
the electrics for the van which had to be housed in the chest. 

bench in van conversion
The chest was created out of tongue and groove wooden flooring. 
This was all wood glued together and designed by my husband. This was also gifted to us by a family friend. At this point, I want to mention the reason we didn't use this as flooring in our van. the Flooring is really good quality wood thus meaning it is really heavy. It just would have made the van too heavy with this thought out. 

ven extracting vents
The chest had to have two cut out for the fans for the heater and most importantly the USB. The power through the van is 12v. this need to be bored in mind when buying items and for charging phones etc. 
charger and battery gage. 

voltage meter with plugs

We actually made this with the hinges on the inside. opening backwards but after testing this just didn't work as the top is super heavy and hard to open. We had to go back and replace these
seat bench in van conversion
Added a cheap Ikea sun lounger top as the seat and the bench is complete. 

Don't forget to check back in for the next update.