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Sexy biking sports bra?

Today I am reviewing a sports bra from
woman standing in blue sports bra back of woman in blue sports bra
This is The all-star level 2 sports bra £27.50. So let's talk sizing. This bra goes all the way up to an F cup. As you may or may not know I have a super small back but a big cup. I find it hard to get good looking sports bras. That offers support and are also comfortable. 

let's talk about the design. It is super stylish and cute. I almost think it is like a good bikini top. I love the back detail. The cut out is super cute. What I would say it is very hard to get off after a workout. As you have to put it over your head and your body is hot. I love the blue colour with the white detailing and the under band is a nice feature. 

side view of blue bra
 I was really interested in the back of this bra. With my big cup, I was not sure this would work for me at all. I was thinking this would give me no support. Like wearing a strapless bra. 

back of woman flexing in sports bra
I have to say I have put this bra through its paces. here is what I have decided. 
This is the perfect bra for lower impact sports. For me, mountain biking was its limit. It would work for a spin class. It did not under any circumstances handle a HIIT workout.  There was a lot of spillages. but to be fair it is classed as a level 2 sports bra. Jumping is a NO in this bra. I also didn't find this good for yoga again I was spilling everywhere. But if you are looking for a sports bra for hiking or biking this is the beauty for you. It is super important to find out your bra size. I was once a bra measurer and the amount of woman who has no clue they are wearing the wrong bra size is in my experience is 9 out of 10. Please check the sizing guide before ordering. I was a 34f in this I am normally a 30g or 32ff. The fit was perfect for me in 34F. 

It keeps its shape under your workout gear. It gives ample support for these activities. It looks awesome and it super comfy to wear. For Under £30 I think this is a steal and I will defo be popping a few in my shopping basket for summer.