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March favorites from beauty hair and lifestyle

the ordinary five products in box in pink mat
 No shock here I am still obsessed with the Ordinary. High-end products at low-end prices what I not to love. This is my last order which just arrived. I can't wait to dive in. 

Iced coffee and protein you know I had to try this. I was a bit sceptical but on my goodness, these are awesome the coconut mocha, one is heaven. They perfect when on the go or after a workout. These are defo what you need before or after a good workout at the gym. I would go on about the benefits of protein you know I am a huge advocator of it. £2.99 so cheaper than your Starbucks! 

angel shaped wing brushback of tangelangel brush
I have super long dyed blonde hair that is prone to big stupid tangles. It is the pain in my life. 
enter £12.95
This has been an absolute lifesaver and worth its weight in gold. It flies through my hair with ease and no more horrid pain from the tugs. How does it do it? I would recommend getting your hands on one in every colour. Honestly, you will thanks me if like me you can spend an age trying to get knots out your hair. Don't worry if you use hair like hair dryers it fully heats resistant. Plus who doesn't love the design? 

 swish mouth tab
This is super handy to have in our van conversion in case of emergencies teeth cleaning fix. £10 for 20. it tastes good and works what more can you ask for. I have a couple in my handbag I hate bad breath. 

van conversion gill unit
I am obsessed with this trellis wall grid copper from red candy. 
This is actually in our van we are converting. It is super handy and has loads of storage options. 

rose gold storage frame in van conversion

As you can see this is above our cooker and will probably get full of salt and peppers etc. £42.30 I can not believe the quality of this item for the price. Although this says copper I would defo say its more rose gold in person.