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My most memorable Holiday

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

Let's talk about the holidays. The lovely people over at have asked me to share my favourite holiday's memories with you. I love planning holidays and taking trips. 

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I have been to turkey 8 time, Yip 8 times. This is where I went as a child on family holidays. The first time I went to Marmaris there was only one hotel and a couple of rental apartments. It was by no means what it is today. One of my favourite memory's is My grandparents were staying in the hotel. We were n the apartments and I used to go over to there hotel and swim in the pool every day. I'd have a fresh tomato for lunch. I remember being so happy. it is funny what you remember. 

blue lagoon in zante
We also went to Greece. To Zante to be precise. I was about eleven. My sister was a toddler and we went to this famous cove called smugglers cove. It is super shallow there. You had to get off the boat and swim to shore. It was a beautiful hot day. My dad had carried my sister to the shore and I decided to snorkel. My sister throws a stone and it hit me smack in the forehead and knocked me out. 
I remember my Dad and My uncle coming and dragging me out. I spent the rest of the holiday with a red mark on my head.

On my first trip abroad to Corfu in Greece. It was my parents and there friends and me. we all walked up to a temple in the hill to go and have a look. My Mums best friend (more like my aunt) Morag and I are scared of snakes. My dad thought it was funny to shout snake at the top of the hill and myself and Morag ran down the full side of the mountain to get away from it. It turned out there was a snake but my Dad knew it was blind and not harmful. 

I have lots of amazing memories with my husband. We have travelled to lots of countries. Here are my favourites 

We got engaged in Hurghada in Egypt. This is still one of my favourite holiday destinations.  It was the last day of the holiday and He went down on one knee on the pier at night with hundreds of stars in the sky. It was beautiful. There is two funny stories about this.

A few months before we went to Paris. It was a very cold January. We had one night in Paris and then off to Disney for a few days. My husband wanted to go up the Elfie tower. It was in the - figures we queued for hours to go up. (I am scared of height). We got to the top and it was super windy so we couldn't go outside. I did not know this is when he wanted to propose but it was to wind for me to hear him. I was so annoyed that night that he dragged me up the tower in the wind. I didn't know the plan. he had the ring with him the whole trip. He said he was so scared it would be stolen. 

Next story. We were at the airport going though security on our way to Egypt. My husband got stopped as they wanted to check his bag. It turned out it was the ring the guy wanted to check and took it out the bag then realised what it was and throw it back in the bag so quick he nearly dropped it. My husband couldn't believe I didn't see it. Apparently they both had a laugh. I did wonder what was funny. He said he told him a joke. I said that's not very professional at security. 

Do you have favourite Holiday memories?