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why we are all #millennialsrenting

This is something that has been on my mind for a while now especially after I read HomeLet article on #MillennialRenting and its time to talk about it. 
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It is a different world for us as adults. By this age, our parents already had a mortgage. two kids and a dog. Maybe even moved house twice by now. But as the years have passed. It is not feasible for us to scrape together a deposit for our first home. A 10% deposit would take years to scrape together and there is always something that will take a nice big chunk of it when you do get somewhere with save it. From the unexpected car or vet bills. To a relationship break down. What about having a child? Is it me or is there always something to pay? 

So Here are my tips for renting. I have rented all my life. until now. Our current house is from my husband's job or we would still be renting. 

1. Rent through an agency. This giving you the security of a company. I have had good private landlords and very bad ones. One landlord who thought it was appropriate to let himself in our house which was occupied by three young women. He would do this when he knew we were getting ready for nights out. Creepy. 
2. Know your rights. If you need help with any legal matter contact the citizen's advice. 
3. Read your contract thoroughly before signing it. If you are not happy with something to ask the company to clarify it. Remember this is a contract you both can be held to. 
4. Always ask for a property visit with the landlord or agent before moving in. It is funny sometimes something can disappear or appear between inspection and you rent the property. 
5. If you have asked for adjustment make sure it is in your contract Ie you want a sky dish, Have pets. want to paint get it agreed in writing. Then you have proof to back you up if anything goes wrong.

Now as Millennials we expect a lot more from a property. My top priority ( This is a bit of fun)
1. Super fast wifi. This is not only for work but for Netflix people. 
2. A good shower. I don't want to come home from the gym to something that is like I am being spat on. seriously this has made or break all over it. 
3. Must allow dogs or cat. I don't trust animal haters. 
4. Avocado plant ok Just kidding but outside space is a must. 
5. Must be near Starbucks again kidding, but check the kitchen is adequate for all your life's essential
    what a Nespresso machine is essential if you want me to be a good human. 
6. You get brownie points for USB charging sockets. 

90% of our generation are renters. That is quite a figure. But I also think it speaks to our nature. I honestly don't know where I would want to buy a house. I like the freedom of being able to move if I want. Houses I have rented have been in my rental budget but would never be a mortgage option for me. We are the age of Instagram and Facebook. We as a generation like nice things. I would quite easily afford a nice flat to rent but to buy it would be impossible. I think we are alive for now type of generation. I am not saying this is good or bad it is just the truth and I have made my peace with it.