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Your ‘Prepare for Summer’ Gardening Guide

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With spring edging ever closer, now is the time to make sure your garden is summer ready. And this guide from Rattan Direct is all you need for a garden full of colour and fun this summer.

The weather may still be a little unpredictable in spring, from March winds to April showers, but stand for a moment in the sun and you will be pleased to feel its warmth once again And that means summer is not far behind! With daytime temperatures climbing into double figures for the first time in months, the soil warms and very slowly, new life starts to bud from trees and shrubs. And then in a blink of an eye, the garden is full of new leaves. The bees are back, the wasps are around too, and tiny creatures of all kinds emerge from wherever they have been hiding over the winter. But to enjoy the summer in your garden, you want it to look the part. So, what can you do now in order than your garden is summer ready?

#1 Tidy up

Even the most organised of gardeners will run out of time come the autumn to get everything put away, ready for use in the spring and summer.
So, complete the small tidying jobs that will make a big difference come the summer;

·    Wash out and disinfect plant pots ready for spring sowing
·    Spend time giving some attention to border and pots by adding a top layer of mulch or organic matter – spring is the time to add nutrients to the soil that have been lost in winter rain and gales
·    Pile fallen branches, twigs etc. into a quiet corner of the garden so that they act as a ‘big hotel’ for garden-friendly insects, such as ladybirds, this summer and beyond
Look forward to the following spring by planting bulbs now. Follow the instructions on the packet but bulbs should be planted deep and with plenty of bulb fibre to protect it.

#2 Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

Just like us, in order to grow and maintain good health, plants need a variety of things – water being one, nutrition being the other.
The harsh cold and rains of winter mean the top layer of the soil has had much of nutrients washed or blown away. Likewise, deeper down in the soil, nutrients can be a little thin too.

Add to this the different requirements of plants, and you will see the need to spend the spring giving your soil some much-needed attention in the shape of adding nutrients;

·   Too much nutrition can make the soil too rich and effectively toxic to plants thus, when you add mulch or manure, for example, do so a few weeks before you start planting in the area to give it chance to break down.

·   Add the right minerals and nutrients for the plant that is currently living or will live in that space. For example, vegetable plants need different minerals to produce flowers and fruits so check before you start adding fertilising products etc.

·    Making your own compost and leaf mulch is free and the best solution for most gardens as it contains the right nutrients and the right amount. You can’t go wrong with a bag of well-rotted horse manure either.
Making your own compost and leaf mulch is easy. With a little know-how and a small corner of the garden, you can create a rich fertiliser for your garden.

#3 Turn the compost heap

If you have a compost heap, a must-do gardening task for the spring is to give it a good turn. This incorporates air into it and this combined with the warmer spring temperatures accelerates the decomposition process.
Use the ready compost for sowing spring seeds.

#4 Trim and cut back

With the danger of frost past – keep an eye on nighttime temperatures though – most shrubs and bushes would welcome a cut.
Pruning takes a little time, but it is worth spending some time trimming back branches so that you encourage new growth but, strong growth in the right places. By helping the plant to maintain its shape, you’ll notice that it grows lovely and strong, rather than thin and straggly.

#5 Dust off the garden furniture

Whether you have hardwood or rattan garden furniture, now is the time to whip off the protective cover and give it a clean.
Using a soft bristled brush, sweep out the nooks and crannies and depending on the manufacturer’s care instructions, either rinse it down with a bucket of warm soapy water or a good dousing from the hose pipe. Leave to dry naturally, preferably on a warm, breezy spring day than sitting in direct sun.

What small gardening jobs do you do to get your garden summer-ready?

At Rattan Direct, they love summer in the garden. And no surprise when you see the range of garden furniture they have. Follow them on Twitter.

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