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Fun retro gifts and Sweets?

Hi everyone, 

Well, it defo nearly springs it coming into birthday season for me. I am one of those people who put loads of effort into the gift. I really love buying gifts for people. I love thinking about the person what they like and treating them to something a bit special. I Found a site which I have fallen head over heels for

You may know I am a history geek and love to go to museums and read everything. I know it not for everyone but, I just love it. You will know I love me some sugar. So I feel like Sweet and nostalgic is made for me. cough (to gift to people not to order for me honestly)

 First things first LOOK at this Great British Retro Sweet Box £25
box with missljbeauty on it

I grew up in a very small village in the Highlands where sweets where is big old fashioned bottles and you would go in with your 50p for a quarter. I loved this. Me and my friends all did this on the weekend. This takes me right back to that time. I love that you can personalise the box with your own message. 

sweets in box retro sweets in box
This box is crammed packed with all my favourites from refreshers to parma violets. Oh my goodness remember them. My Husband stole the cola bottles. Which I think is grounds for divorce? I'm pretty sure if I told the judge she would agree right? 

wooden box with retro sweets
The box its self is awesome quality. I think this is a perfect gift and as My soon to be ex-husband (joking) mention we can use it in our Van conversion after we have eaten the sweets. 
club box tin for biscuits
Since we are on the topic of sweets I also ordered this Jacobs Club fruit tin £7. I had to try two of my favourite all time sweet right. toffee sweets Lemon bon bons and chocolate caramels £1 each. 

When I saw this stream train media pack I had to add it to my basket for my father in law. He loves stream trains and there is a highland leafflet in this. steam trains memorabilia gift pack £6

You may have noticed we send a lot of time in Devon. My in-laws live just outside Torquay and 
I know my mother in law will love this gorgeous metal sign torquay landscape £10

Last but not least. It is one of my best friends birthday. She is a bit of a harry potter geek so I know she will love this. Harry potter hogwarts crest mug with a bottle of butterscotch beer £10

Have you found somewhere I need to know about for great gifts?