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Your Lifestyle Could Be Making You Less Gorgeous

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Bruno Mars says that you’re amazing just the way you are… And you know what, he’s right! You are a beautiful human being. You really are. You may not always feel it, though. Whatever gifts nature bestowed upon us all, it’s up to us to make sure that we look after them as best we can. Sure, age comes to us all but while getting older may change the nature of our beauty, it needn’t erode it. There’s no denying, however, that our lifestyle can get in the way of the pursuit of lasting and natural beauty. Usually, it’s nothing that a little concealer or at the very most a cleansing face mask won’t undo but over time the effects of all those bad habits can slowly add up to slowly but inexorably take away the gifts that nature gave us.

Don’t worry! The damage is rarely irreversible and seldom does it take more than a few little tweaks, sacrifices and upgrades to bring yourself back to the optimal levels of gorgeousness that you deserve. Here we’ll look at some of the everyday bad habits that we’re all guilty of from time to time and how they can temporarily impede or permanently erode the flawless look that we all strive for. We won’t insult your intelligence by going into the dangers of smoking or alcohol for your appearance. Here are some less obvious lifestyle choices that can compromise your fabulousness.

Not changing your mattress regularly

It’s a tiny little thing but it can make a huge difference to your appearance. Few of us think about the effect that our mattress may have on our beauty but if you don’t change your mattress every 10 years it can not only compromise your appearance but lead to a range of health problems. Most obviously it can deprive us of sleep, jolting us out of restfulness with little aches, bumps and twinges. When we don’t get a good night’s sleep we very often wear it on our faces the next day. We get puffiness and darkness around the eyes, oily skin, outbreaks of spots and uneven skin tone.

Moreover, a bad mattress can cause us back, neck and shoulder pain. Over time this can ruin your posture, making you carry your weight in unflattering ways and ruining the supermodel poise that will make you look your most fabulous. A pocket sprung mattress with a memory foam top will give you the support your spine needs for good posture while allowing you the comfort you need for a good nights’ sleep. Check out to learn more. If your appearance is mired by poor posture and tired looking skin, the mattress seriously needs an upgrade!

Relying on convenience foods

You’re probably a dynamic and ambitious career gal, and this means that you dedicate a very great deal of your time and effort to your job. That glass ceiling isn’t going to smash itself, right? Unfortunately, the average working day just isn’t conducive to good health or a flawless appearance. Aside from sitting while hunched forward to peer at your screen (that’s a huge posture no-no), we often make the mistake of neglecting our nutrition while at work. Nearly every workplace has a vending machine loaded with greasy, salty and sugary convenience foods. Since few employers let us snack at our desks (or let us take a few minutes to grab some nourishment even though it would enable us to work better) our blood sugar inevitably plummets before we get the chance to lunch. Thus, the healthy and nutritious lunch we packed doesn’t seem to satisfy and we head to the vending machine for a candy bar, a cookie or a bag of chips. Not only can this habit seriously derail your fitness goals, it will inevitably lead to greasy skin and can even exacerbate acne. Eating lots of refined carbohydrates like white breads, pastries and sugars can even age your skin prematurely.

Not showering after working out

Many of us like to get in a quick workout before the working day begins. After all, what better way to start the day than riding the endorphin high of exercise and feeling sexy and confident knowing that you’ve just crushed your daily workout. Unfortunately, if you’re in too much of a rush to get from the gym to work, you may miss out on one of the most important activities aside from warming up and cooling down… Taking a shower. Not only does showering after the gym save you a day of paranoia and wondering if your colleagues are wrinkling their noses at you as you pass, but it also ensures that your skin remains clear, healthy and radiant. Perspiration left to dry on your skin can cause bacteria to multiply all over your lovely face leading to outbreaks of spots, rashes and even a potential yeast infection. Set off a quarter hour earlier and do your skin a huge favour.

Washing your face wrong

You’re smart enough to know not to go to sleep without washing off your makeup, and you know that washing your face is a basic tenet of any skincare regimen. However, you likely don’t know that you could be washing your face wrong. Firstly, you can use a cleanser that’s too abrasive and reduce the natural oils that make your skin look shiny and radiant. You could be washing too often which can cause irritation (one or twice a day is usually plenty). You may be overdoing it on the products, very often tepid water is all you need.

You may also be prescribed to the myth that hot water opens pores while cold water closes them. The truth is that pores don’t have muscles so they’re unable to constrict or dilate in this way. Lukewarm water is usually the best temperature at which to wash your face. Using very hot water can lead to dry skin.

Not drinking enough water

Almost all of us think that we’re drinking enough water and almost all of us are wrong. For optimal health, we should all drink 3-4 litres of water a day. Not coffee, not tea, not soda, water. If we don’t do this our skin can age prematurely. It can lose its elasticity leading to sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Just look at how these ladies were able to drink their way to younger looking skin.  

By ditching a few bad habits and making some small changes to our behaviour we can look fantastic no matter what life throws at us!