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How To Overcome Nose-Based Anxiety

Every woman has that one part of their body they wish they could change. While the areas of scorn vary, we all spend at least some time in the mirror trying to mould that one insecurity. Sadly, the moment we let go, it springs back into the shape we know and hate.

For some women, these areas are easy to hide. Many of us hate our bare stomachs, for instance. A lot of us can’t stand the size of our thighs. For some women, though, the problem is a little more visible to everyone around. Take something like our noses, for example, which are on full display for everyone to see at all times. Try as you might, you can’t hide that beak under a jumper.

womans face from nose up

Despite their essential functions, a surprising amount of us hates our noses. The fact is, there are few out there without some lumps and bumps. While the ‘perfect’ nose is one that's barely visible, it's a reality for very few. Most of our noses are larger than we’d like, or more hooked than we'd like them to be. Perhaps you’re convinced your snout is too wide, or too pointy. You name it; there’s a woman out there who feels it.

Hence why so many of us spend our lives trying to avoid others seeing our side profiles. For some women, this fear is so severe that every conversation takes place front on. But, try as they might, someone also manages to get a snap of their snout sideways. When that same picture appears on social media, those insecurities rear their heads.

Of course, in an ideal world, we would encourage you to love the nose you’ve got. With few perfect snouts in existence, life's too short to worry about that bump no one else notices anyway. But, we understand that this sort of self-love is easier said than done. Hence why we’ve got some ideas for action you could take it you really can’t get along with that hooter.


We know what you’re thinking; how can applying makeup help with nose-based insecurity? In reality, though, it can help in a few different ways. On a basic level, applying makeup to your eyes can help to detract attention away from the nose you hate so much. You may find, then, that even your basic routine makes a difference here. If that’s not enough for you, consider that contouring can mimic the effects of surgery if you do it right. By investing in the right creams and powders, then, you could alter the appearance of your nose with makeup. The trick is to recognize those problem areas and consider where you'd need to contour to address them. Some shading in the right place could reduce the appearance of a large nose. Some highlighter in the perfect position could make sure no one can see that bump. Don’t be afraid to play around with this. The results might surprise you.

Non-invasive methods

If even your best makeup art can’t hide that bump, it may be worth considering non-invasive methods of improvement. Fillers are common-place for our foreheads and lips, but nose fillers are also becoming standard. If you don’t want to go all out with a complete nose job, then, this could be the perfect compromise. Over the last five years alone, FDA approved fillers like Restylane have become available to many. And, with them comes a whole new world of nasal possibilities. While fillers don’t change the structure of your nose, they can fill certain areas. This could reduce the appearance of those lumps and bumps you hate so much. Even better, hyaluronidase can break down fillers if you aren’t happy. That means you’ll never be stuck with a nose you still aren’t satisfied with this way.


Of course, there are some things that even fillers can’t cover. In that instance, you may well want to opt for surgery. While this gets a bad reputation, it may be best for you if it puts an end to this ever-visible insecurity. Bear in mind that many people go through surgery only to find they still don’t love the results. To make sure that doesn’t happen, opt for someone like this plastic surgeon who specializes in natural-look nose jobs. There’s no denying that this is an extreme step, but a severe hatred of your nose may well make it worth your while. As we’ve already mentioned, our noses aren’t exactly easy to hide, after all. If you find that your snout gets in the way of your everyday life, then, it may be worth giving this option some serious consideration.


This one may be a little out there, but a quick Google search will show you that this is all the rage right now. Call it madness if you like, but the world is going crazy for nasal exercises. Many sources are now claiming that gentle nasal exercises could help to alter our noses. Believe it or not, there’s even such a thing as nasal yoga available now. Other sources claim that set exercise routines here could help shorten, sharpen, and even straighten our noses. Who knows whether these claims have any real grounding? In many ways, it makes some sense. After all, bodily exercises can have a severe impact on the appearance of our waists. It stands to reason, then, that focusing your efforts here on your nose could make a difference. If you don’t fancy going all out with extreme methods, then, you might want to give these a go. As strange as it could feel at first, you can bet this will be easier than a session at the gym. And, who knows? Your nose might just thank you for it.

There are plenty of ways to get past a nose-based insecurity. So, stop avoiding your side profile, and give these ideas a try. Before you know, you could stand facing away from someone in a conversation and not worry one bit.*