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the best night's sleep from an ex insomniac

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We the nights are darker than ever and I I thought I should share with you my top tips for getting the best nights sleep. I go through stages of insomnia and I feel I am in a good position to help you all get a better nights sleep. Your body can not run without sleep. Yes, it will run but it will not be a full steam. Getting a good night sleep not only boosts brain power it helps you focus and can even help you work harder in the gym. 

1. Put that coffee cup down. No coffee at least 4 hours before bed. Coffee is a well know stimulant and you need to let your body naturally wind down. So try to have no caffeine at all. Why not switch to fruit tea if you need a hot drink.  

2. Technology. Yes, your phone, Ipad and shock horror even the Tv. Turn them off. Get offline. Rest your mind. Why not put your phone out of reach. There is nothing worse than suffering from insomnia. The first thing you do is grab your phone and get sucked into the online world next thing you know your brain is back to being fully active. This is not going to help you switch off. 

3. Buy the best mattress. This might seem very logical. But if you watch my video below. My husband and I had a very cheap old mattress with a mattress topper. It was so uncomfortable. We just bought a cheap one when we moved because we were in a rush to have it delivered. Fast forward 4 years. It has become the cause of alot of problems. I did endless research into which mattress to get and came up trumps. This mattress has given us both the best nights sleep we have ever had. I have never seen my husband get so excited about a bit of furniture before. It is like sleeping in a fluffy supportive cloud.  It arrives in a very convenient box. Unfortunately, my camera died whilst I was filming me unboxing it but it was super simple just pop the Casper mattress out unroll and boom the best mattress is ready to go. I honestly Can not recommend this mattress enough. I was having back problems which turns out to be due to the old mattress this one has solved all my problems. 

Bodyclock Luxe 700
4. I have talked about this in my gift guide. Invest in a I recommend The body clock Luxe 700 by Lumie Is one of the best inventions for sleeping. It is a combination between an alarm clock table light and sleep machine.  It has so many features. You can use it to drift off to sleep as it also has a sunset mode. It is will gradually dime the light from a bright light to a low glow of a sunset. It also has 20 built-in wakes and sleeps sounds from the classic waterfall to background cafe noise. It really has everything you need if you are a troubled sleeper. It not only has all that but it is a Bluetooth speaker and a USB charger.

5. Exercise. Your body needs to be not only mentally tried but physically tired too. I am not saying you need to hit the gym like I do but, what about getting out for a walk in the fresh air? Just enough to get the heart pumping. Plus exercise is not only good for your body it is a fantastic stress reliever. 

6. Cut out that power nap. Am I old that I know this was also called a disco nap? You know a quick forty winks to recharge before a night out? Anyways kiss them goodbye these can really affect your sleep cycle and are clinically proven to cause insomnia. 

7. Think before you eat. Come on how many nights have you gone to bed too full or with a sore stomach. I know it is a cheesy saying but you are what you eat. This is also true about sleep if you go to bed over full you will not have a great nights sleep. This also goes for too much spice or fatty food. Think about it your body has to put in extra effort to digest these foods. So just think is it really worth it? 

8. Alcohol, Where do I start. if you overindulge, you will not get a good nights sleep. Your body works hard to rid its self of the toxins in alcohol. It also dehydrates you, leaving you feeling and looking worse for wear the next day. It is clinically proven alcohol affect the quality of your sleep so ditch that nightcap and get a better nights sleep. 

Hope these tips have helped you get the best nights sleep. 

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