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Anatomy Of A Flawless Body

We all have our insecurities about ourselves. All over the world and throughout human history, we’ve looked to nature and beyond to enhance our natural beauty and overcome these perceived flaws.  Usually, we’re able to find stop-gap solutions to disguise, conceal or mitigate them. A dress of just the right cut to show off our legs while flattering our tummies. The right push up bra to subtly enhance nature’s gifts, or shaping panties to give us a little more shape and a more desirable waist-to-butt ratio. These are all well and good when we’re out and about but when it comes to spending time alone with our loved ones there’s nowhere to hide. All the things that we’re insecure about are quite literally laid bare in front of them. Of course, we know that he or she would love us no matter what we looked like, but that’s really not the point.

thin womans stomach is this a flawless body
We want to be able to show off the kind of flawless body that we see in the fashion magazines and adorning the billboards we drive past on the way to work. While our conscious minds may know that every image we see is fastidiously airbrushed, it doesn’t stop us from yearning for the kind of flawless body that will give us confidence and self belief everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a flawless body and how it can be yours...

A tight, firm tummy
While most of us wear our curves with pride, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we liked the idea of a firmer, flatter tummy. But even when we’re disciplined in our diet and eager in our exercise this can be tricky to achieve, especially after childbirth. If your self-image is tainted by mother’s apron or crepe skin you can remedy this without the need for costly and uncomfortable surgery. There are a range of non-surgical tummy-tuck options which use a combination of CoolSculpting (freezing away body fat) and Ultherapy (ultrasound treatment) to tighten skin. Alternatively, loading up on protein rich foods and leafy greens and doing lots of abdominal exercises can help to sculpt abdominal muscles while stimulating collagen production in the skin.

Legs free of spidery veins
There’s nothing more frustrating than when your shapely legs are besmirched by the image of spidery or varicose veins. Unfortunately, for those of us who spend most of our day standing, they are part and parcel of our lifestyle. Fortunately, they can be removed with vein treatment, specific exercises and the use of compression stockings.

A butt that’s a no-cellulite zone
Even the most shapely posterior can be a source of embarrassment when its afflicted by orange peel skin. Fortunately, there are a range of treatments for cellulite available over the counter as well as semi-invasive laser treatments. For best results, look for creams that promote collagen growth while dehydrating fat cells in the skin and making them appear less prominent. This will lead to a smoother, tighter, firmer butt.

Gravity defying boobs
Finally, even the perkiest bossom is not immune to the effects of time, gravity and motherhood. Fortunately, sagging boobs need not be an inevitability, ladies. Upper body strength training is a great way to develop the muscles behind the breasts to give them more lift, while yoga can actually help to improve the shape of the breasts while also tightening the muscle beneath.

You don’t need to pay a fortune or necessarily go under the knife for a flawless body!
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