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Top tips for taking the best outfit photos

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I was having one of those days, The other day where I was thinking I can't believe that blogging is my job. It is my full-time career.  I have picked up a lot of tips on my journey to make this a job and one thing I get asked a lot is how to take the best outfit photo. I thought it would be a good idea to share this with you how I take my outfit photos. 

1. As you can imagine it is all in the lighting. I live in the Scottish highland. We get a lot of dull overcast day. You need to plan when you can take your photos when natural daylight is the brightest. Natural light is amazing for making your shots stand out and gives you less editing. If you are doing outside shots. 

2. Buy a good pretty full-length mirror. My mirror is from Room to Sleep. I am obsessed with Room to sleep. They have the nicest bedroom deco items. You need to go and check them out. I am looking to update my bedroom and I have to say their Abronia bed is on my wish list. My mirror is The Comino Cheval mirror £155. It is gorgeous and just added that little extra something in my photo. Plus everyone who sees it loves it. 

3. The backdrop. You have to think about the backdrop. I was forever trying to find the right backing for me. I settled on my current one. I made a feature wall in my guest bedroom. What I have done is bought a net fairy light curtain from eBay. I fitted this to the wall with little clear fairy light hangers and then popped up white seethrough curtains £5 from Ikea over them. You can see the results behind me in this photo. I pop on the lights and I think this gives a dream soft fun lighting effect. 
woman in black and white onesie taking selfie
4. Know your angles. We all have good angles and bad angles. Normally the higher your camera is the better the angle. Take as many photos as YOU want. All influencers take hundreds of photos to get the right shot. I am no different. The photos below are about one hours work. Playing with my angles and making me feel confident in my shot. I am in the minority, I have a sony cyber shot camera. I don't have an uber expensive camera as I just don't think I need it nor would I know how to use it and if I am completely honest smartphone have amazing cameras nowadays which you can get amazing shots with. 

5. Editing Yes editing. I am not a pro at this. I either use Plixlr's free editor or the one that is on my Lenovo Laptop. You can spend days editing but let's be honest who has the time. I love that Plixlr and my Lenovo have a great editor which has a quick touch up function and this tends to be what I use. It will brighten and enhance your photo at the touch of a button. 

6. Do not compare yourself. You are you, No one else can do what you do. We all have our insecurities and our confidence. Relax! make taking the photos fun. When taking photos becomes work it will show in the photos no one what to buy clothes from a grumpy person right. Have fun and enjoy the process this will add that extra sparkle to your images that will make you stand out. 

I thought I would model an old onesie as this is one of the hardest items of clothing to make look good. 
woman posing in white wooden mirror

woman taking self in mirror wearing white and black onesie

Here is a couple of the outtakes. 
woman in black peplum dress posing in white full length mirror

Mylo was desperate to look in the mirror. I couldn't stop laughing at him. 
Yes, I tried on three outfits but the onesie was the hardest to work. so I went with that one for this post. 
bad blurry photo in mirror to highlight camera

How bad a flash would look. 

werid angel photo of woman in black dress form above
Trying to angle the camera on my mirror. 

Hope you enjoyed my little tips.