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Is a tattoo really for life?

Let's talk tattoos, shall we? I have recently been looking into getting a tattoo. As you know I am a qualified sports masseuse. I no longer practice, now I am a full-time blogger but I have seen a lot of my client's tattoos. Some are just stunning and I would get a bit jealous.

Some clients are really ashamed of their tattoos and this has me thinking about whether my decision is being influenced by the negative people I speak to. My husband and some of my friends have tattoos. My problem is I haven't found a design that I wouldn't change my mind about within a few months. I love my husband but his tattoo is terrible! I mean really bad! 

In his younger days, he was a whitewater kayaker and during a drunken trip to Norway, he got a paddle on his back. It is awful. It looks more like a pair of glasses then a paddle. With age, it has faded and really looks weird. 

I want to be completely informed If I go ahead with my tattoo that I can get it removed. If I end up hating it. Here comes my research into tattoo removal. 

bad tattoos

With all my research, I have decided that only laser tattoo removal would be an option as the others just seem a bit barbaric. There is Dermabrasion, Which is scrubbing off the skin layers No thanks. Ouch! What about getting the tattoo cut out. Yuk or TCA this is an acid treatment which again removes the layers of skin. No thanks, I like the layers of skin I have grown. So that's It there only one option left.  

The laser works by firing laser light into the tattoo to break down the ink partials. Your body will naturally attack these little partials and absorb them away. Thus not harming the skin like the other removal techniques. This can be used on all skin types and colours. 
I have decided I would use Pulse Light Clinic London. Who have the newest techniques called Picosure & PicoWay laser tattoo removal. These work on all colours even the hardest to remove ones. They are less painful and require fewer sessions to get results. I'm sold. The results are phenomenal! Check out this video. 

Pulse light clinic is one of only two clinic which has this revolutionary Technics. The average removal is between 3-8 sessions. Plus I feel reassured they are well established and have practised for over 15 years. A single session starts at £65 which is a complete bargain in my opinion. 

I now feel completely comfortable that if and when I decided to get a tattoo if I need it removed I know where I would go. 

Have you got a Tattoo?